Karaage-kun Ebi-chiri Aji / からあげクン エビチリ味

Last year, Lawson sold limited flavor "Hatena Aji (mysterious flavor)."
This year, they collaborated with a movie "Dragonball Z God vs God" which will be shown from March 30, 2013.

Karaage-kun is Lawson's hot snack and prepared in each conbini.
There's Ebi-chiri, sweet and chili shrimp, one of the Chinese dishes in the heating machine by the cashier.
I have no idea why they chose Ebi-chili flavor but as it's limited product, I decided to get it.

Details (Goku's side)
Details (Karaage-kun's character side)
This character looks like a chicken, but according to Lawson, it's a fairy....

The dish between Goku and fairy is the Ebi-chiri, sweet and chili shrimp.

Back side

The price was same as other flavors, 210 JPY and 5pcs were in a paper package.
It smelled similar to real Ebi-chiri but each piece seemed exactly the same with the regular flavor.
Inside of the karaage, fried chicken was a slightly orange and had Ebi-chiri taste in it.
Real Ebi-chiri is covered with sweet and chili sauce over stir-fried shrimp so that I could taste the characteristic flavor with diced naganegi onions.
However, this is just a fried chicken and no sauce so it had some flavor yet not strong.
It wasn't bad and had interesting fragrant.

It uses white meat.

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