Toro Toro Pucchin Purin Torokeru Noukou /
とろとろプッチンプリン とろける濃厚

Glico launched a new Pucchin Purin series.
This time, the package has Guinness Book of Records for the total Pucchin Purin lines.
Last year, it was its 40th anniversary and seems like they're still creating something new, too.

This "Toro Toro Pucchin Purin Torokeru Noukou / とろとろプッチンプリン とろける濃厚" is a little size pudding.
Toro Toro means soft, melting, or thickened.
Pucchin Purin is a pudding produced by Glico, a Japanese confectionery company.
 (More details, please see the blog posted on October 30, 2012.)
Torokeru means close to Toro Toro, so something soft.
Noukou means thick, rich, and flavorful.

According to the website, they used eggs and milk to enrich the smooth texture.
By using sufficient dairy product (milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream), they could draw out the sweetness from milk.
Besides dairy product, they used egg yolk oil to add richness of eggs.

As the cup itself says that the black dots in the pudding are vanilla beans.
They've carefully chosen high-quality flavorful vanilla beans to give great taste and fragrant I read.

I wasn't sure how soft it'd be since this cup also had the characteristic "tool" to drop the pudding on a plate.
It was really soft and the texture was close to custard cream.

I'm really impressed the pudding kept the shape after leaving the cup.

Caramel sauce is made as authentic way; to bring out richness and bitterness, they roasted sugar.
This bitter-sweet caramel sauce can enhance the flavor of milk and egg used pudding and add an accent.

It was smooth, soft, flabby, and tasty.
As it contains vanilla beans, it has nice sweet flavor and I thought the size was perfect.

Calories: 172kcal
Protein: 2.9g
Fat: 9.5g
Carbohydrate: 18.7g
Natrium: 79mg
I think this was 109 JPY.

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