Cafe Aaliya's French Toast / カフェ アリヤのフレンチトースト

I randomly search some eat-ins near my apartment or the office, and this place "Cafe Alliya" has been one of my must-visit places.
Last night, I needed sugar and decided to go there for the first time.

Reading some reviews of french toast, I became to have higher expectation; many said the French toast was quite good and the price was reasonable.

At the entrance, we found an ad saying, "Tokyo's best French toast ever!"
We'd need to see if this place can beat Hotel Okura Orchid Room's French toast.

Tiny, modest, classic, and not loud signs were up high but you won't miss this place if you know you're looking for this place.
Going through the small entrance and down to the basement with narrow stairs.

When we got there was around 6:50PM on Saturday night.
There're smoking area and non-smoking area, and we chose non-smoking table without a doubt.

80% of the customers were females and only a few males, including my husband.
I found a pair of guys sitting but other than that, males were with females.

We chose an empty table, which was a bit small for 2 people to sit and eat I'd say.
You can't put much stuff there and the space you can get is pretty limited, so if you're carrying big bags or groceries, you might wanna skip this place.

Super tiny glasses of water with menu were served as soon as we sat down.
They have some other things to order but I just didn't take a photo of it.

I knew what I was gonna get and I ordered "French Toast Mix."

We waited for about 10-15 minutes after ordering plates.
While waiting, my husband was looking at the counter/kitchen and a waiter asked if we wanted to order something.
It may sound awkward but I thought it's nice of them to ask us to make sure things are ok.

Here comes my French Toast Set. (850 JPY)

It has 3 pieces of french toast and 3 different sauce in little jars.
From the left, it's whipped cream with caramel sauce, ice cream with blue berry sauce, and apple sauce with cinnamon powder.
As you noticed, there's no maple syrup nor knife.
It's unusual to me not having maple syrup and knife for french toast. 
As long as I remember, I don't think I've ever had any single french toast without it them.

I had a bite without sauce to see how it'd taste and the texture.
It was pretty sweet already and it made sense that they didn't put maple syrup.
The texture was soft and moist but outside had some slight crispy part (the brown spots).
Actually the texture was close to Hotel Okura's french toast, but Cafe Aaliya's one was a little bit more watery.

The concept of the french toast was "so soft that you don't need a knife" and/or "you only need a folk to cut the french toast."
This is why they don't serve you knife but butter knife to scoop those different sauces.

I tried all of the 3 sauces with it.
Apple + cinnamon: sweet and sour with apple pulp.
Vanilla ice cream + blue berry sauce: refreshing.
Whipped cream + caramel: sweet and soft, and it was easy to put on the soft french toast.

So my favorite sauce was whipped cream and caramel one.
With the butter spreader, it was hard to catch ice cream properly but I still enjoyed them.

Not that a quiet place (maybe depends on time you visit), but they sure serve you fine french toast.

Cafe Aaliya / カフェ アリヤ
B1, Yamamoto bldg.
3-1-17, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku, Tokyo
東京都新宿区新宿3-1-17 山本ビルB1階

Open: 10:00AM - 10:30PM (Last Order is at 10:00PM)

No holidays

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