"The Lobby Lounge" in Shangri-La Hotel Afternoon Tea /
シャングリ・ラ ホテル「ザ・ロビー・ラウンジ」のアフタヌーンティー

As we've been going the top 5 afternoon tea in Tokyo, we went to Shangri-La Hotel's "The Lobby Lounge," which is the 3rd best one out of 5.
#4: Peninsula Tokyo
#5: Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

I realized that the ones we went to all have names with "lobby" but I don't know why they named like this.

Shangri-La is located close to "Nihon-bashi" exit of Tokyo station and it's in Marunouchi Trust Tower Main which is covered by big glasses.

It's located on the 28th floor. In the elevator, there's a huge chandelier hung from the ceiling.

My husband reserved this place for April 29 when is a part of Golden Week, a week off from the end of April to the 5th of May which contains 4 national holidays.
And during Golden Week, the afternoon tea menu is different from regular high tea set.
They're introducing British traditional sweets "pudding," which is a warm pudding.
From April 26th - 30th, they serve rhubarb pudding and from May 1st - 5th, it's cherry.
(My husband said he'd rather have cherry but when he called, they didn't say anything about this special event.)
This event is co-supported by British Pudding Club and sponsored by British Tourist Authority.

Our reservation was at 1PM, but we're there about 10 minutes before 1PM.
A waitress asked our name and she said we could sit at table already.
Table was already set perfectly and hot towels were brought soon after, which had citrus fragrance in it.

On knife, "Shangri-La Tokyo" was written.

There's a yellow flower in front of the sugar pot.

We're seating by the window and seeing Bank of America/Merrill Lynch bldg in front of us, and on the far left side, there's Sky Tree.

While we're reading through the tea menu, a waitress came and told what seasonal tea of the day and recommended we have it, so we ordered that; strawberry & rose tea.

This is the menu book provided to us and you can change tea leaves as many times as you want.

On the first page inside, there's "Pudding Afternoon Tea" sign with registered mark.

Afternoon tea menu details.

These are the tea menus.

On the last page, there's a list of exclusive items to fulfill your afternoon tea experience.
They sell "Shang Bear" and straps for cellphones.

For 2 persons, they bring you this big pot that has same patterns of plates and cup & saucer.

This is a tea strainer.
At 1PM sharp, live piano music had started.

By the way, this is the inside of the lobby lounge.

We waited for about 15 minutes but no high tea was served however those who came after us were having afternoon tea set already.
I had to call a waitress after 3 guests who arrived later than us got their plates served and ask why we'd not been getting anything yet.

Finally we got our tea set ready at our table 20 minutes after 1PM.
They first brought 4 kinds of sauces for scones.
From the right, homemade strawberry jam, passion fruit cream, clotted cream, and acacia honey.

This is the high tea set for 2 persons' portion.
Usually sweets are set on the top, scones are on the middle plate, and finger foods are located at the bottom.
So the way they set this was interesting.

The top plate.
3 kinds of scones; plain, blueberry, and orange & spices.
I've never had any afternoon tea which I got 3 kinds of scones since most of the time, it's only 2 kinds.

Middle plate, it's sandwiches.

At the bottom, 3 kinds of puddings.

We started with "Selection of Afternoon Tea Sandwiches."

Sakura shrimp, parmesan cheese quiche
Shrimp smelled really good and the parmesan cheese went well with it.
The crust was crispy but soft, it's a perfect mini quiche.

Chicken, field mustard and bouquet lettuce tortilla roll
It was chicken breast mixed with mayonnaise but lately I could handle most of mayo stuff even though I prefer not to have.

Spring cabbage, ripe tomato
I forgot why this bread was so yellow.
It contained finely sliced tomato and some green thing (I thought it's cucumber but I guess it's spring cabbage as it's written).
However, it had a strong mayo taste and flavor, I could only have a bite.

Smoked salmon, new onion, dill sour cream
The bread contains spinach, this is why it has green color.
Color was vivid but I didn't really taste the veggie.

Now we're moving to scones, "Selection of Oven Baked Scones."
It's a plain scone. It went well with any kind of sauces provided.

It was slightly sweeter than I expected in a good way.

Orange and pain d'epice
It contained orange peal and some sort of cinnamon and other spices flavor.
It was my least favorite and I only ate the half of it.

Interesting fact was that the clotted cream was soft and when I scooped, it was threading.

Now the pudding section, "Miniature individual pudding assortment."
This sponge was soaked into raspberry syrup they said.
Little balls on the surface was all chocolate and kept dropping every time I tried to eat.
Inside of the little balls were like biscuit so it was crispy inside.

It's got orange paste or comported orange flesh on the top with a purple petal.
Also ground pistachio were sprinkled.

The brown fruit on the top is fig, and this was my favorite pudding out of these 3.
I didn't recognize ginger flavor though.
Leaf gold was set on the top.

After these high tea set was all into our stomach, they brought "Hot Pudding."
I don't think I've had rhubarb before or I just didn't know it's in any plate I've had ever.
On the top, it's covered with cube cookies.

Underneath the cubes, there's vanilla layer and at the very bottom, there's rhubarb sauce.
It tasted sour and had similar texture to comported apple.

I ordered total 3 kinds of tea today.
1. Seasonal tea of the day (strawberry & rose tea).
It had a strong strawberry flavor but no rose scent. 
The color of the tea was pretty dark but didn't have bitterness.

2. Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo original Himalayan blend.
The color of the tea was much lighter than the seasonal tea.
It's an organic tea and uses leaves from Darjeeling and Nepal so it was something I'm used to drinking.

3. Almond tea.
When I ordered for 1 person portion, she offered a jar of milk with it so I asked that, too.
Tea came in a smaller pot.

It had sweet almond flavor like almond pudding.
I poured milk, which was served warm, yet I liked this without milk somehow.
If I had added sugar into the tea, it might have tasted good, but I usually don't use any sugar when I have teas.

I thought the high tea was completed but they brought us another mini high tea rack with cookies and chocolate.
By the time this has come, I was pretty full already.

Upper plate, it was strawberry flavored cookies but super super super sweet as if it's a cookie-shaped sugar.

Lower plate, it was chocolate with nougat inside.

<Personal Evaluation>
View: 3 out of 5

The view was nice as it's pretty high place but there's no green I could see.
We're looking down tall buildings and some street with cars, so it's not something I could enjoy seeing, I'd put.

Food: 3.5 out of 5
They had satisfying portion besides 3 kinds of scones.

They looked colorful and appetizing, and of course tasted fine, however, I didn't find any "Oh, this is my favorite!" item.

Tea: 4 out of 5

You can choose as many tea as you want and you can ask another tea even though the pot has some left.
They had a quite good selection of teas, mostly English tea.
I don't drink coffee so I didn't order but they had several coffees for cold and hot.

Service: 1.5 out of 5
As I mentioned earlier, they served high tea set to people who came after us and we didn't get anything till we finally asked after waiting for 20 minutes.
When they came to tell us it'd be soon time to leave (I assume they limit the time we could stay up to 2 hours), we asked her for our bill.
They did it again; they brought bills to others who asked for their bills first and we're the last one to get it.
These incidents were something I didn't understand what their way to manage things at the lounge.

Fee: 3,900 JPY (tax included) + 13% service charge = 4,407 JPY

*Highly recommend you reserve in advance especially on weekends.

The Lobby Lounge in Shangri-La Hotel / シャングリ・ラ ホテル ザ・ロビー・ラウンジ
28th floor of Shangri-La Hotel
Marunouchi Trust Tower Main
1-8-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

丸の内トラストタワー本館 シャングリ・ラ ホテル東京 28F

Afternoon tea / アフタヌーンティー
Weekdays: 2:00PM - 5:30PM
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 1:30PM - 5:30PM

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  1. Very detailed review and great photos. My friends and I are going tomorrow for the 'pudding afternoon tea' so it's good to know what to expect. That's a lot of food! :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by and your comments!!
    Hope you have a great experience and enjoy pudding afternoon tea, a limited time high tea set :D