Jagarico Yuzu Kosho (Limited time only) /
じゃがりこ ゆず胡椒 (期間限定)

I happened to find a new and limited flavor of Jagarico, which I wrote about it before here.

It's a Yuzu Kosho flavor.
Yuzu is a citrus and has refreshing scent.
Kosho is pepper.
Yuzu Kosho is a condiment paste made form yuzu zest and chile peppers.

When I found this, I could imagine it wouldn't be that bad since I love yuzu kosho.
It says "O TO NA" on the top, so I assumed it'd be as spicy as the real yuzu kosho.

On the package, it said "limited time only" and that sure made me want to try at least once.
Color of package is slightly shiny and has a matcha (green tea) color.
Also the pattern on the cover looks traditional and classic.
The image is what the flavor consists of; yuzu, chile peppers.

On the side, it says "limited" again.

I love this bar code.
"We use Yuzu" is a pun (use and yuzu has same pronunciation).

As I imagined, it explains what it'd taste like.
"Yuzu flavor and spiciness of chile peppers are suitable for adults!!"

The Jagarico itself looked as same as the regular lines and I could see some green spots.
I think they're yuzu kosho pieces.

Real yuzu kosho can be pretty spicy and has similar (but much less) sharp flavor, but I think this one wasn't that spicy at all.
Even though the taste was not that close to the real yuzu kosho, it had sufficient scent that I can tell they made with the Japanese flavorful spice.

Nutrition (1 cup contains 52g)
Calories: 258kcal
Protein: 3.2g
Fat: 12.5g
Carbohydrates: 33.2g
Natrium: 434mg
(Sodium chloride equivalent: 1.1g)

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