Yamazaki's Pan de Chou / パン de シュー (ヤマザキパン)

Chou is a French word for cabbage and like Chanel, it's pronounced as "shoe." Pan de Chou is a name of sweet snack bread produced by Yamazaki collaborating with Fujiya.
"Pan de Chou" made me imagine this is some kind of cream puff bread.

We call cream puff "chou cream," which is a combination of French and English.
On the package, you can see Peko-chan.
She's a image character of Fujiya, a confectionery manufacturer in Japan.
Fujiya's one of the popular products is "Milky" which is a sweet milk chewy candy.
And this bread contains the famous milky flavored cream inside.

Underneath the picture of bread, there's a description about the filling and bread.
"Fujiya Milky, a condensed milk cream is poured into the bread dough topped with chou dough. After baking, they put soft milk cream."

Sounds seriously sweet.
If you've had Milky candy, you can easily think of the sweetness.
I've had the candy before and I love sweets and carbs, so as soon as I saw this package and read the description, there's no way leaving it on the shelf.

As the filling is pretty much made from sugary condensed milk and also chou dough, it's 364 kcal per bread. 
I saw the ingredients list starting with condensed milk. It was actually surprising as I thought the product used the most in it was flour/bread wheat.
The bread was pretty tall and about 8cm height. (3.2inch)

From the top, it looks so yellow.
I bet this is the chou part mentioned on the package.
There's little shiny spot in the middle, and it was the milky cream coming out from inside.
The manufacturer already knew it'd happen, so in the package, there's another layer or soft film right above the top of this bread and it was easy to slide this out.

I carefully had a first bite since the label says the filling is really soft and liquid and it'd possibly spill out.
However, no cream I could see. 
All I could see and felt was soft and fine texture.

One more bite, here it comes.
Milky cream (white one inside) and soft milk cream (yellow one).
The yellow cream was supposed to be milk cream, but tasted like custard cream with its rich flavor and texture.
But after taking this photo, I had to have third bite quickly since the cream inside was seriously running over!

It was 99 JPY and seemed to be a new line.
If you're interested in sugary bread for snack, I highly recommend you use a plate or eat this directly from the plastic package.

Calories: 364 kcal
Protein: 7.8g
Fat: 12.4g
Carbohydrate: 55.3g
Natrium: 310mg

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