"Chikin Ramen Chips" by Koikeya x Nissin /
Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. and Koikeya Co., Ltd. collaborated and launched potato chips with Nissin's famous instant ramen "Chikin Ramen" flavor.
Nissin Chikin Ramen was brought to market in 1958 and you can enjoy the fried noodle with 3 ways.
1. Pour hot water over the noodle in a bowl, and wait for 3 minutes.
2. Cook in a pot for 1 minute.
3. Break it and eat uncooked noodles (it's crispy).

*For 1 and 2, some people drop raw egg while cooking the noodle and that's why the package has half uncooked sunny-side up.

Koikeya is well-known for various potato chips.
This Chikin Ramen Chips is one of the products from their "Unique Project" line, which Nissin and Koikeya collaborate to create totally new, fun, surprising, and unique products.

I didn't know this was out on March 5, 2012 till a couple days ago (December 2012).
According to the Koikeya's special site, they made more than 300 samples to create the flavor resembling the real Nissin Chikin Ramen, which most of the Japanese consumers or even foreigners are familiar with.

This potato chips was created the traditional way; kettle fried chips.
The texture was crispy and also the thickness of the slices were thicker than regular potato chips.
It was so crunchy that sometimes my jaw got tired.
Flavor, I personally thought it copied the Chikin Ramen well.
Looking at the detailed site, secret story for the taste was from #2; Cook in a pot for 1 minute.
They discussed and decided to target the taste from #2 as it stands out the most to show Chikin Ramen's characteristic flavor.
More from the site, they had really hard time producing the popular flavor with potato chips.
Most of the potato chips' flavors are mixed seasoning powder, however, when Chikin Ramen is manufactured, the noodle is fried with seasoning liquid together.
Thus, even though they sprinkle the Chicken Ramen flavored powder over the fried chips, it didn't give the original ramen's flavor at all.
At the time, Nissin advised Koikeya, "The sense of cooking wouldn't be brought without cooking" and Koikeya decided to cook some of the ingredients for real.
Koikeya finally got a solution by adding one unusual step to the regular production.
It was heating process of the seasoning.
Step 1: Preparation was to mix the seasoning; breading, chicken powder, oil, and powdered soy sauce.
Step 2: Process of heating; this is NOT applied to regular potato chips.
Step 3: Sprinkle over the chips.
Thanks to the step 2, the heating process, it creates and boosts up the roasted savor to the chips.
Not sure if it's limited product but as it enabled me to think of Chikin Ramen, I think it's one of the best "copying famous taste" snack and I'm glad I found and tried this.
Net weight: 67g
Calories: 348kcal
Protein: 4.1g
Fat: 19.4g
Carbohydrate: 39.3g
Natrium: 356mg

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