Debu Pan #2: Chocolate Chip Cookies in Bread
デブパン その2: チョコレートチップクッキー入り

Ok, here's the Debu Pan series' 2nd bread.
This I added chocolate chip cookies.
I was going to put Country Ma'am (produced by Fujiya) but the supermarket near my place didn't have it but instead, they had private brand called "Topvalu" copycat cookies, of course cheaper.

This time, I put chocolate chip cookies. A supermarket I went to didn't have Country Ma'am, so I used a copy one from Topvalu.

Bread wheat (strong flour) 180g
All purpose flour 30g
1 small beaten egg
Milk 140ml
Yeast 3g
Margarine 20g
Chocolate chip cookies 10.5g x 12pcs = 126g
*Add broken cookies after the beep (or when the machine is almost done with making dough).

First, I put all the ingredients except cookies.
This is the key, otherwise cookies will be finely crushed and you might not be able to enjoy the chocolate chips!

I used Topvalu chocolate chip cookies.
This tasted similar to Country Ma'am from Fujiya.

2 kinds are in the big package.

Putting broken cocoa cookie now.

About to throw vanilla cookie into a home bakery.

Dough + crushed cookies.

Cocoa: 6 pcs
Vanilla: 6 pcs
Total: 12 pcs (126g) into the bread machine.

Finally all the chocolate chip cookies are in the bread machine with other ingredients.

Turned out better than Caramel Corn one :)

It was so good. Chocolate chips were still there and inside was soft.
Bake fresh one tasted good but when I toasted, it was also super tasty!

Again, this is Debu Pan even though it's homemade.
To make Debu Pan, I keep adding extra calories to the regular bread but I know tasty foods tend to have higher calories than "healthy" dishes.

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