Pasco's Hawaiian Host Chocolate Bread / 
ハワイアンホースト チョコレートパン (パスコ)

When I dropped by a supermarket near my house, I got excited.
I found Hawaiian Host chocolate bread there!!
This is produced by Pasco, a brand of Shikishima Baking Co., Ltd. founded in 1919 and HQ is in Nagoya city, Aichi pref.
The brand's name Pasco is from Pan Shikishima Company, and pan means bread in Japanese.

This chocolate bread is supervised by Hawaiian Host Japan and the image of the flavor is the most popular and beloved "Hawaiian Host Classic Tiki" which may be known as "Macadamia Chocolate TIKI" in Japanese.

Once I opened the package, nothing really looked like the actual chocolate.
This bread is made of 2 united table rolls with milk chocolate coating...
However, if you think of the chocolate set in the box, they kind of look like 2 balls are connected and have curvy shape, right?
Pasco (or even Hawaiian Host Japan) wanted to let us have an image of the famous chocolate.

I tore the bread into half.
I only see white and fine bread.

Now I see some chocolate cream 

It was a rich tasted chocolate cream but not like the thick and super sweet chocolate of the real Hawaiian Host chocolate.

Second bite, I could feel some ingredients on my teeth and it was crushed macadamia nuts.
With the nuts, I would say they copied Hawaiian Host, but without it, it's hard to say they did good job.

Probably my expectation was too high since I'm big fan of Hawaiian Host chocolate.
If somebody who don't know that brand or the product, it's satisfying but with such a notable name, personally this didn't make me that happy.

Calories: 366kcal
Protein: 7.1g
Fat: 13.6g
Carbohydrate: 53.7g
Natrium: 179mg
(Sodium chloride equivalent: 05g)

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