Goldfish Baked: Grahams Fudge Brownie

I've had several Goldfish from Pepperidge Farm before, however, never tried this whole grain Goldfish.

This is Goldfish Baked Graham Snacks "Grahams Fudge Brownie."
When I shook the bag, sounded like heavier goldfishes were moving in it compared with the regular orange light-cracker-goldfishes.

So I started thinking this could be a little bit chunkier and has a nice bite as it's whole grain.

Opening the package, I could smell nice chocolate flavor and saw a lot of brown Goldfishes lying there facing different directions.

The famous Goldfish is slightly puffy and has face on both sides.

Though, this whole grain has face only one side.
The other side of the face is flat and you can see it's placed on a flat tool to get nice tanned surface in a oven.

Maybe it because whole grain is too dry and crunchy to create the puffy shape despite the original cracker dough could be made with smooth and soft dough to shape the air-in Goldfish.

You can see little dots around the fish. I couldn't figure out what it was exactly but it was like poppy seeds. (I could be wrong...)

The little crumbs give light crisp before you enjoy the Goldfishes.
Whole grain has harder texture and you need to chew as if you're eating cookies.

The chocolate flavor was nice and not too sugary yet flavorful enough to stop yourself before you gorge the whole bag and feel piggy.

Side of the package. 
There's a little quote with a CORAL Goldfish photo in a frame.

The other side of the package.
Looks like website has a game, too.

Nutrition Facts:

*Serving Size 35 pcs (30g./1.1oz) means one Goldfish only weighs 1g. and easy to count!

*Amount Per Serving:

*Calories 140

*Calories from Fat 45 (of course no trans fat is used)

Besides you get 6g of whole grain per serving, which covers 1/8 portion of the whole grain you're suggested to take daily. (The ideal amount is 48g.)

I like whole grain better than regular Goldfish now because I feel I'm actually eating them and the more I chew, the faster I get full.

Plus, my opinion is when you eat salty foods, you start craving some sweet dessert/postre afterwards.

But if you eat good amount of sweets, you don't really want anything else.

So for me, this whole grain works better to prevent me from eating too much and feeling sick later.

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