Pop-Tarts Mini Crisps: Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Kellogg's Pop-Tarts has 3 flavors in mini crisps series.

Until I received this as a souvenir, I didn't even know they had this little bite snack.

Even this is 100 calories per pouch, so if you're slightly hungry but don't want to fill up yourself with snacks, this could be suitable.

The nutrition label on the side surprised me because this doesn't contain fiber. 

You can see "Dietary Fiber 0g" in the middle.

Seeing this package first, I thought Kellog's marketing team had focused on people on diet but maybe I was wrong.

Because usually (or more like pretty much always) diet products have fiber with other nutritious ingredients. 

The reasons why fiber is used in those weight control foods are;
(1) Increase the colon's move and prevent constipation.
(2) Digested slowly.
(3) Curb cholesterol elevation.
(4) Help a gradual rise in blood sugar.
(5) Nutritional source for E. coli.

However, though it is a 23g (0.8oz) package, it contains decent amount of Vitamins and minerals which is also must-to-consume ingredients not only for diet.

Each pouch fits in your hand: like a hand-size mini bag.

It's about 2cm (half inch) think and really light.

As it says "frosted brown sugar cinnamon," strong cinnamon flavor came out from the pouch.

Each piece looked like a tiny biscuit but much crispier and harder.

When I was eating this at my desk, I could tell the crunching sound was pretty loud.

Cinnamon lovers would enjoy the flavor a lot for sure, but those who are not big fun of, this might be too strong to enjoy the crunchiness. 

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