Nido Uma Curry Pan / 二度うまカレーパン

Nido Uma is translated as "one bite, multiple taste" in a casual way.
"Nido" means twice, and "uma" is an adjective for tasty, but infinitive form is "umai" so it's just dropped the last vowel and still makes sense but not a formal word.

Pan is bread.
And a curry pan is one of the famous breads containing curry paste inside of the bread and deep fried.

Lately, many are going for healthy so there're some curry pans which are NOT fried but baked in the oven. 

This summer, Mister Donut (a Japanese donut chain owned by Duskin) released a new type of 2 curry pans called "Nido Uma Curry Pan."
The concept is interesting.
Ordinary and everyone-knows curry pan has one curry inside.

However, this Nido Uma Curry Pan has 2 types of curry inside separately but the bread is just one.
Can you picture the curry pan? Here's a photo.
This one is "Spicy Red & Keema" and you can tell it's slightly reddish colored bread underneath the panko breading.
Inside of the bread was pale red color, too.

One side contains well-known keema with spices and chicken, and the other side has pungent rich curry paste.
When I turned it to the other side, I saw 2 holes.
From here, they inject curry paste each side so that you can have different types of curry from one bread.
The package has explanation of the taste with cute illustration.
As you can see, the inside, there're 2 spaces which is blocked by bread-wall.
You can picture as if it's a house and there're individual rooms with different people.

This one is called "Rich Black & Keema" and outside is dark gray/black.
This black curry pan contains roasted onion curry paste, and the other side has the same curry paste as the red curry pan contains (not the spicy paste).
This one had grayish color inside.

As the names show, red curry pan focuses on spiciness but black curry pan targets on the flavorous and rich paste.

The package also says it'd taste better when it's hot.

It says, "Please use microwave to heat it and leave the bread inside of this package."

It suggests also 20 seconds for 500W microwave.

They're quite good without heating them up but I'm sure hot ones provide more flavor before digging in.

It took me about 2 big bites before I got to the curry paste...
Wish I could have reached the yummy curry paste from the first bite.

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