Smoked Curry "Kun Kare" / 燻製カレー くんかれ

I tried smoked curry for the first time in Ningyocho, Chuo ward, Tokyo.
Not planned to specifically try this place but when I was net surfing, I found "Smoked Curry "Kun Kare" / 燻製カレー くんかれ" near my office.

It's easy to find even though it's a little restaurant.

It's really simple pot designed light sign board in red and white.

The little red painted wooden board says, from 5-7pm, it's happy hour so you can have first beer or any cocktail for 100 yen.

Once I opened the sliding door, it already smelled so good and nice smoky flavor was everywhere inside.

There're 10 or less counter seats plus 4 tables with 2 chairs each in the restaurant.

No decoration and red and black were the main colors.

According to the official homepage, the concept is "New York Style," which woman can go in by herself without hesitation (is it New York Style???).

Anyways, I sat at one of the table seats and there're 2 little blue fans each side. 

I didn't use them but I thought it's really cute.

You can choose the spiciness, amount of rice, kinds of topping, and how smoky the curry should be.

First you need to choose the spiciness from;
*Mild (sweet)
*Standard (medium-spicy)
*Medium Hot (spicy)
*Hot (very spicy)
*Very Hot (very very spicy)
This list looks awkward when I write in English...

I prefer spicy curry but I wasn't sure how spicy the "hot" would be, so I asked the waiter and he said if I like spicy one, regular "Karakuchi (hot / 辛口) could satisfy me.
So I chose the hot one.

Then he asked me how smoky I'd like to have the roux.
As it's my first time, I stuck with the normal level.

Then, now time to order toppings.
There's "Zembu Nose (which mean all the topping on it / 全部乗せ)"  and this contains smoked bacon, chicken, cheese, and egg.
Also they have vegetables, seafood, and interesting topping "a chunk of chicken (チキン1枚乗せ)" which is 300gm of chicken for 800 yen.
It's basically chopped chicken on the curry, and curry is almost fully covered.
If you order this topping, larger rice and extra-large rice are free of charge.
You can order separately, but I just wanted to try them all.

Finally, I get to decide how much rice I wanted.
As I planned to have all the topping on my curry, I asked for the smallest rice (150gm).
They have smallest rice (150gm), regular (250gm), larger (350gm), extra-large (450gm), and smoked nuts rice.
Each size has different prices.

Waited for 5-10 minutes, my curry came.
It's in an orange-red Le Creuset pot, covered with the top.

Le Creuset is one of the famous kitchen wear that keep the heat well and great for cooking even though it's a little bit pricey and heavy with special care.

When the curry was served in front of me, he opened the top, and nice smoky flavor came out.
Over the curry, smoked bacon, chicken, cheese, and egg were placed nicely.

Look at the browned cheese! I could tell it's already tasty before trying!

Each had nice flavor and as I ordered the regular smoke, it was acceptable for everyone unless s/he doesn't hate smoked food.

It's exactly the more I chewed, the more flavor came out.
The flavor went from my mouth to my nose. Mmmm, smoky flavor.... 

I personally couldn't really catch the flavor in the egg; maybe it's the most plain ingredients and doesn't have much flavor from the first?

For the curry roux, actually I didn't expect it'd have much smoked flavor in it since the curry itself already has strong spice flavor.

However, I was totally wrong. The curry has a nice hint of smoky flavor once I had a bite.
Not too much, but nice amount of fragrance.

The roux was smooth and not thick, but nicely comprised with the white rice.
It was spicy but I may try spicier one next time to see how spicy-hot it would.

The amount of rice was perfect to enjoy the all the topping without getting too full.
As I had smallest rice, it was 920 yen including all the toppings.

Smoked Curry "Kun Kare" / 燻製カレー くんかれ

Hours / 営業時間:
for lunch, 11:00am~3:00pm (last order at 2:30pm)
for dinner, 5:00pm~11:00pm (last order at 10:30pm)

*Open daily except otherwise noticed.

1F, Legare Nihombashi-Ningyocho bldg. A
1-12-11, Nihombashi-Ningyocho, 
Chuo-ku, Tokyo   103-0013


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