Smooth Pudding Chocolate

Nameraka Purin Choco, this is how to read the package and it means "smooth pudding chocolate" simply.

This chocolate is from Kabaya and new product.

On the shelves, this caught my eyes as it looked really interesting and cute!

This pudding flavor chocolate consists of 3 layers to make and taste it like pudding we're familiar with.

The package explains how it can create pudding taste chocolate.

*Top: caramel flavored chocolate
*Bottom: custard flavored chocolate
*Filling: whipped milk cream with vanilla beans

Each Nameraka Purin Choco is packed individually.

Thought it's a little bit annoying but to keep the shape might need to be separated each other in case of heat.

It's about an inch/2.5 cm tall.
Really really tiny pudding! 
So cute :)

You can see the 3 layers and vanilla beans.

The caramel part had slightly bitter flavor and reminded me of the actual caramel sauce.

Custard part tasted like white chocolate rather than the flavor they meant to create.

Whipped milk cream was really soft and as soon as you bite into the chocolate, the pudding chocolate was fragile enough to be mixed with the soft cream inside immediately.

Even thou I couldn't really sense the custard taste, somehow it tasted like pudding when I ate it all together.

When you're eager to decorate monotonous pudding, this can be an adorable decoration.
You can make "petit pudding on pudding" with this.

105 JPY
Each piece: 35 kcal
Contains 6 pieces

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