Ebisu Pumpkin Mont Blanc Pudding

I found this pumpkin pudding at Family Mart, a convenience store chain.

They have their original sweets named "Sweets +" to let the customers enjoy some delicate and high quality sweets.

Ebisu Pumpkin is a type of Western pumpkins and contains high sugar content.

Personally, I thought the color of the pumpkin is more yellow than orange which I'm used to see.

When you open the cover, sweet scent of pumpkin and caramel came out.

The top part (looks like spaghetti) tasted exactly pumpkin. 

It didn't taste too much of sugar, so it might be mainly from the Ebisu Pumpkin itself.

The label says "PUMPKIN" with the obvious shape of the vegetable.

A lot of whipped cream was underneath the pumpkin cream.

It added some soft texture to the pumpkin string layers.

Even thou there's a pile of whipped cream, it's not something you'd imagine. 

It's not sugary cream so it doesn't disturb the natural sweet flavor of the pumpkin on the top.

The bottom, pudding was unexpectedly soft so it's better to scoop little by little without spilling.

I thought it'd be hard jelly like Jello and konnyaku (=konjac) jelly.

The caramel source was slightly bitter and smelled like ram or some sort of alcohol.

It's about 2 inch (5 centimeter) tall but the sweetness and bitterness was well balanced.

If have a sweet tooth, you'll definitely enjoy and finish all this sweet at once.
If you don't, maybe you want to eat this over 2 days?

250 JPY
279 kcal

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