Milky Crunch Cookie

Fujiya Milky is famous for the sweet milk candy, which they use highly-selected fresh cow milk from Hokkaido (north part of Japan).

Now they have made "Milky Crunch Cookie" using the well-known "Milky" in the dough and also milky taste puffs inside.

Each cookie is wrapped in a pink Peko-chan's face printed package.

So you can enjoy the cookie always fresh and crunchy.

Personally, when sweets are wrapped individually, it help me stop eating too much as to to tear the package every single time is too much work.

The circle shaped cookie is baked well and has light brown color with some pale white-yellow part.

It's a little bit different as it's not roasted flavor as regular cookies but instead it has sweet flavor.

I couldn't really see the crunchy puffs and milky cream when I took a look after a bite.

However, you can definitely sense the crispiness and milky taste chunks while you're eating.

If you've tried Fujiya Milky candy before and liked it, this will give you different texture and savory like you didn't expect.

Even those who thought the candy was too chewy and way too sweet, this cookie might change your opinion about the original candy.

Each cookie: 42kcal

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