Jagariko Cheese Curry

Jagariko is a potato snack from Calbee.

It's not thin and has a strong/hard crunchiness.
The shape of this snack is like a thick pasta.

Jagariko is named after a short story of an employee.
According to Wikipedia, one of the employee said, "Rikako (a friend of his) liked this snack and ate it with gusto!" when he gave her the sample.

Jagaimo + Rikako =Jagaimo Rikako -> JagaRikako -> Jagariko

Jagaimo means potato in Japanese.

That's how they named this snack Jagariko.

Now they have limited time only flavor, cheese curry.

Somehow, even thou it's available only a short time, the package says, "Jagariko's fan's #1 favorite!"

It doesn't really make sense to me but I bet it's just the way when new product comes out.

The color or the snack reminded me of curry as it's a little bit darker than other flavors.

The taste was a hint of curry but to be honest, too salty. Couldn't eat without any drink...

Also, no flavor of cheese :(

Many of my friends said, "Ewww!!!" but I used to pour hot water into Jagariko and left it for 2 minutes.

Then, it became like mashed potato. No doubt as it's made of potato.

So, next time I try this, I'd pour water and make it into mashed potato as it can probably help the taste less salty.


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