Peko-chan's Melon Pan

Peko-chan is a character of Fujiya, which sells sweets and also runs family restaurants.

They collaborated with Yamazaki and created Fujiya's famous "Milky" taste melon pan.
("Pan" is bread in Japanese.)

The package caught my attention as it has a huge Peko-chan's face with same old thing; sticking out the tongue with smile, and also she's waving.

Also it has the same pattern of the flower motif in blue and pink.

Under the big font of "Peko-chan's Melon Pan," there's a definition what it is actually.

"Milky whipped cream sand" ---sand is a shorten word for "sandwich" or something stuffed into the bread.

"Fujiya's milky condensed milk is put into the dough, the biscuit cover contains white chocolate ship, then we used milky whipped cream inside."

Ah, definitely I had to get this.
Melon pan + milky = must be amazingly sweet and tasty!

As you can see, the biscuit top has chocolate chips in it and the chocolate gives nice crunch texture while eating.

The biscuit part wasn't that sweet so the chocolate also added sweetness to the cover.

Between the sliced bread, there's the famous milky taste cream in the center.

It smelled like the popular milky!!

As it's mainly put in the middle, I spread evenly towards the edge to enjoy the whipped cream from wherever I have a bite.

The bread itself didn't have enough milky flavor, in my opinion, and it's pretty much regular melon pan's bread.

Wish it's much sweeter like the actual candy, yet if it's too sugary, some would get sick of eating and wouldn't be able to finish eating the whole melon pan.

The special part is the cream and I guess its package, too.

I found this at 100 yen convenience store, so if you're interested in, it's cheap enough to hold back buying.


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