Koeda Choco Fashion

Morinaga and Mister Donut worked together and made this new collaborated sweet.

Morinaga is famous for chocolate and snacks and Mister Donut is famous for donuts, of course.

One of the popular snacks of Morinaga is Koeda, which first was brought to the market back in 1971.

It's a milk chocolate containing rice puff and almond, and the shape is "koeda" which means twig in English.

The length is about 2-3 inch.

Inside of the package says, "Choco Fashion, which has been sold at Mister Donut since November 1983. This is the 'Old Fashion' (a name of their donuts) covered with milk chocolate. This small magic makes a huge difference. Same year, the original 'Angel Chocolat' and others had a 'Chocolate Debut', which use chocolate coating as this Choco Fashion does."

The concept of this product is, "We created Mister Donut's famous Choco Fashion taste Koeda under the supervision," according to the back side of the package.

Personally, I couldn't notice the taste well...

I tried hard to find the "donut" flavor, then the itty-bitty rice puff had some sort of donut-ish fragrance.

They tasted fine but I wish I could feel stronger donut flavor in it.

12 individual packages
Each package contains 4 koeda (twig)
31 kcal / each package

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