Sweet Potato Paste

I got this jar of yellow paste at Pastry Boutique in Park Hyatt Tokyo.

First time I saw this one was on Park Hyatt's twitter.
They introduced this paste and it caught my attention.

I've seen peanut butter paste, chocolate spread, or any other fruit jam paste, yet it's my first time to hear or see "sweet potato paste" ever.

When I had lunch at the delicatessen, I went up the stairs to get this paste.
They have several other kinds; Premium Chocolate Paste, Toffee Cream, etc.

When I opened the cap, it smelled like sweet potato, and the texture was smooth but still could feel the delicate roughness of the pureed potato.
And I saw vanilla beans in it.

I put the paste on a slice of bread using thin sliced sandwich bread.
It was really tasty and the flavor was rich as if you're eating sweet potato itself.

Then, I put the paste on regular slice bread and toasted.
The flavor became stronger (in a good way) and had savory scent.

As you can see the label on the backside, it uses sweet potato, heavy cream, sugar and vanilla beans. So you can see the black spots in the paste.

The also note says to consume fast once you open it.
It is a cliche quote to everyone, but what I was surprised at was, they put parenthesis and say, "Please consume fast (approximately 2 weeks) once you open it."
I thought it's really considerate message as they indicate the exact length of how fast exactly what they mean in "fast."

980 JPY
Available online also

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