Slime Pork Bun

Personally, I've never play "Dragon Quest" but I know the title of the video game as it's famous.

And I know one character, it's called Slime. In Japanese we pronounce it "Suraimu" by the way.

Slime has a shape of tear or onion.
There're several types of slime; King Slime with crown, Tower Slime piled up 3 colorful slimes and some others.

2011 is Dragon Quest's 25th anniversary and Square Enix collaborated with Family Mart and created Suraimu Man (Slime Pork Bun in English).

They produced 1 million pieces only available at Family Mart on November 29th.

When I was looking for these slime pork bun, I had to go to 3 Family Marts to find this as they put an announcement paper says "Sold Out" even thou they just started selling them that day.

As it's been in the air since summer that this glorious slime pork bun will be launched, consumers knew it's limited 1 million pieces as one-shot product.

"Slime Pork Bun is 170 JPY"
"Slime Pork Bun showed up!"

Luckily I could find a store which had the smiling weird shaped blue buns in the steamer.

As it looked so strange that I could see it from the outside.

I was about to get one, but they told me that these slimes were put in there a little bit ago so I had to wait another 10 minutes.

Even they said, "It's first come, first served. So we can't promise you'll surely get them."

I was furious and sweat as I was running around to jump into every single Family Mart in Shimbashi I found, so I said, "I'll wait here in this convenient."

I kept looking at the clock on the wall and as soon as it had past 10 minutes, I went to the casher and ordered, "Gimme one slime bun, now."

He's my edible slime pork bun.
Not looking tasty thou smelled as good as regular Niku Man (Pork Bun).

On the left, my edible slime pork bun.
On the right, my pink sparkling key chain.
As you may have noticed, it is tiny...
I thought a bigger than this.

Look how small it is to compare with regular pork buns in the steamer sitting below the group of slime on top.

First bite, I just thought it's regular pork bun, yet the more I ate, the more flavor came out.
It contained chunks of bamboo shoot/sprout with pork and some other ingredients, which I didn't know what they are.
(To me, it was a bit too salty thou.)

The thin paper underneath the bun was neat, too.
"It's 25th anniversary this year.
Thank you for your support and we'll be counting on you!"

The sheet had message above and also QR code which takes you to the Dragon Quest news site.

Even the day after, still news sites were talking about this Slime Pork Bun and most of the Family Mart had no stock left.

I'm happy I went on "Slime Pork Bun Quest" alone in Shimbashi.

The reason why I chose Shimbashi was; around the station, there're many Family Mart and also I didn't think many of salary-man (business man), especially old ones, would pay attention to those slime pork bun.

However, as many shops had "Sold Out" sign, I guess everyone went crazy over the blue bun even in oyaji (old guy) city, too.

*1 million pieces of slime pork buns were shipped to Family Mart in a week since they started selling it on the November 29th, according to a news site.

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