Schweddy Balls from Ben & Jerry's

Have you ever heard "Scheddy Balls" flavor from Ben & Jerry's?

Or do you know Saturday Night Live episode???

A friend of mine told me she wanted me to try this flavor and write a blog about it.
She sent me a link of the limited edition product.
(The link below doesn't show the page I received thou.)

On the page, there's a link to check one of the Saturday Night Live episodes.

Until I took a look, I didn't know this episode from SNL called "Schweddy Balls" which was on the air back in 1998 for Christmas season (not sure if this information is correct).

Definitely Alec Baldwin looks young!

When I was watching this show on internet, I just kept laughing every time they say "Schweddy Balls" over and over.

I went to the states end of 2011 and was hoping to find a bucket of this ice cream in a supermarket but no luck.

As it's limited time or batch, I was afraid it's all gone...

However, there're Ben & Jerry's shops in NYC so we dropped by to check if they have any.

First, we didn't see the funny flavor name on the board behind the casher, yet my insatiable desire to find the flavor never could stop me.

We walked towards the showcase to take a close look. 

It says "TEST BATCH" but I considered it as the real Scheweddy Balls I longed for.

Ordered a small cup
A wooden cow display in front of the showcase.

Even thou I ordered a small, you can get this much.
As I grew up in Japan, it seems to be a large size indeed.

The description of the flavor is;
Vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum & loaded with fudge covered rum & malt balls.

I could taste and smell the rum once I put a spoonful ice cream in my mouth.
(It might because I'm lightweight).
Also, a lot of balls are mixed in it!

Seeing the description, I didn't understand what "malt balls" meant here.
The word "malt" I know is used for whiskey, beer or any liquor.

So, to learn "malt" means nutty and chunky was a part of nice experience that day.

The balls' texture was similar to brownie but a little bit harder.
Besides they had richer and more condensed chocolate-rum flavor.

The diameter of the balls was about half inch.
Not sure if it's big ball or not, but I thought it's good size to chew.

To summarize the flavor:
  •   A hint of rum --- YES
  •   Fudge covered rum --- YUP
  •   Malt balls --- INDEED

They're all mixed well into the vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla flavor wasn't that strong. I assume they intentionally worked on the balance and focused on the rum fudge balls.

I liked this Schweddy Balls but also I want this balls without rum.
Wonder what kind of name they'd give if they really create the non-alcoholic ones.

I pretty much kept saying balls so often in this blog, although I'm sure if you watch the video of SNL, you'd like to talk about it and start wanting this ice cream!

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