Glico Pocky Panda

This is the cutest pocky I've ever seen!!
Glico Pocky introdueces new adorable "panda bear" and the flavor is "cookie & cream."

As you can see, a giant panda bear is on the box.
I like the design that they didn't use any line but only white and black dots to create the character.
Even it looks like the panda is holding a "pocky bouquet."

Biscuit: usually yellow/flesh color but this one is cacao flavered dark brown stick.

Chocolate: cookie & cream flavored sweet chocolate. Seems to be panda pattern with black and white color.

As the biscuit is a little bit bitter, the sweetness of the chocolate matches really good.

To my surprise, the plastic package inside was also PANDA all over.

Dancing, lying on stomach, sitting and holding the panda pocky as if it's a magic stick drawing milky way.

As it's still hot during the day time, I'd recommend you store it in fridge. When it's cold, it tastes unexpectedly good.

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