Lawson Uji Matcha Latte

A new sweet, Uji Matcha Latte launched on July 26, 2011 as a part of Lawson's Uchi Café sweets line.

Lawson created this line to fulfill consumers with delicate and high quality sweets, which have been sold at convenience stores, with less pricey than fancy pastry shops. And the concept is to let consumers enjoy the sweets at home and in the office easily.

The catch line is "Always your place becomes a café with the sweets" or "With the sweets, you can always have a café wherever you're" with rough translations.

I've eaten other matcha sweets from various stores, but this contains really good amount of matcha so far ever.

When I opened the package, the whipped cream was on top with sprinkle of matcha powder.
Under the cream, there're matcha mousse and matcha jelly cubes, which is bigger than tea spoon!

The pudding part is a little bit sweet, but the matcha cube, it's really bitter in a good way and goes fabulously good with the sweet pudding and cream on the top.

It looked small but the potent matcha taste/flavor and different textures in a cup filled me up decently.

235 kcal
240 JPY

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