Stroopwafel, is a waffle made from two thin layers of baked batter with a caramel syrup filling in the middle. This is a famous souvenir from Netherlands.

The waffles are in a white-based blue painting can. They're piled in plastic bag nicely.
The The container has some beautiful sightseeing spots.
I've never been to Amsterdam, so I'm just guessing thou.

It's called waffle but for me, it was something different from what I've been used to.

The waffle I picture is, soft, thick and no stuffing inside.

As this waffle is two thin waffle stuck together with sweet chewy caramel syrup, just one piece is enough at a time.
Also you may want some coffee or tea, even strong one.
No sweet drink I'd recommend.
I bet if you drink citrus juice, it'd taste extremely sour after having this waffle!

I've got sweet tooth, yes, but this is seriously sweet.
It would be perfect to keep in my bag in case of anemia if it's tinier.

I'd enjoy the rest of the waffle little by little :)


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