Tried A Different Branch Of Sarabeth's Located On Park Avenue South, NYC

Last time we're in NYC together with my husband, we tried Sarabeth's at Central Park South back in January, 2013.
We happened to remember that I wanted to try the Fat and Fluffy French Toast last night so that we decided to book a table for today.
Unfortunately the same branch was full till January 2nd, so we searched different branches and could get a table for two for today, December 28, 2013.

The one we booked for today at 12:30PM was the one on Park Ave. South, where the interiors looked very different the one we went to before.
So we knew what it'd look like inside beforehand via internet, we didn't get surprised when we got there.

It's near the 26th Street station on the subway line 6.
The outside of the restaurant was different like it's a bank building (just my personal opinion).
See? Like a bank.
And I realized the color of the textile for the windows and signboard were different.
The one on Central Park South is using dark green, and here, they use blue.

We got there earlier than 12:30PM as we booked, but they lead us to a table by the window.
The interior was far from the one we went to, and this place was more like bar.
No wonder this branch offers "Happy Hour" every day between 4:00 ~ 7:00PM.

Not in the photo, but on the corners, there're flat TVs showing sports and news and the tables in this area was high.
The other section was more like regular family restaurant as there're bigger tables and regular height chairs.

Napkin and cutlery looked the same.

When we sat at the bar table, as it's a tiny circle table I call it this way here, a waitress in white shirt and black pants with black tie provided two menus and a slip of today's special including alcoholic beverages.

The waiters and waitress here were wearing the same attire like bartenders.
And there're some men who were in black suits but with colorful ties. Maybe managers???

I knew what I'd get (Fat and Fluffy French Toast) and my husband got Buttermilk Pancake that I got last time.

After setting our order, we waited for approximately 15 minutes.
Tataaaaaaan, my French Toast.
The way they cut the strawberry was different.
Here, they just cut into half instead of quarter like Central Park South did.
And the French Toast is fluffy indeed.

Butter and organic maple syrup in separate cups.

Like always, I used all the butter and maple syrup they gave me.
The bread was similar to baguette but I could be wrong as the crust was shiny and soft.
The thick slices of bread which were holding eggwash were soft and moist.
However, there're some white spot where the eggwash want't absorbed so it had different texture. --- Not sure if it's supposed to be leaving some white spot in the bread or not though.

This is my husband's Buttermilk Pancake.
The numbers of the pancakes were the same, 5 pancakes and the strawberries were cut into half like my French Toast.
The pancakes looked a little bit too brown for me.
And when I had a bite, I could taste some burnt flavor and also it had a weird crispy texture which the other branch didn't have.

My husband couldn't finish all the pancakes so I finished one and half pancake besides my French Toast (without problem).
And the pancakes I destroyed weren't cooked and had nice saltiness from buttermilk.
Inside was soft and slightly gooey in a good way.

We thought the quality of the plates were decent but I thought the table needed to be bigger than the bar tables, or at least it could have been a square-shaped.
Two glasses of water, salt and pepper, two giant plates of French Toast and Pancake, a tea pot, and a cup and saucer.
It's obviously packed on the table and I worried if the plate would lose the balance and fall while eating.

The receipt = the horror.
It's not reasonable to go back there every day like the pancake of McD.
French Toast and Buttermilk Pancake are 17 dollars each here.
*Buttermilk Pancake was 15.50 dollars before at Central Park South but as it's Saturday today, the prices/breakfast time period is different from weekdays and it's 17 dollars at Park Ave. South while Central Park South charges you 18 dollars. So the prices differ from branch to branch and between weekdays and weekends.
And "Harney & Sons" is the name of tea brand my husband ordered and the tea leaves were English breakfast.

Interesting fact; they put 3 popular gratuity portions on the receipt for the "convenience."

Sarabeth's on Park Ave. South
381 Park Avenue South
(between 26th St & 27th St) 
New YorkNY 10016

*Pancake is available for breakfast and brunch period only, and the price differs between weekdays and weekends.

*Reservation recommended. 
*If you're ordering more than 2 plates, you might wanna ask them to give you a big table.


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