Traditional Afternoon Tea The Pierre New York, A Taj Hotel
インドのホテルチェーン "Taj ホテル" のピエール ニューヨークでアフタヌーンティー

We tried the Tokyo's top 5 afternoon tea, so it's time to do the same in NYC.
First place we chose is Two E Bar/Lounge in The Pierre, a Taj Hotel in New York City.
It's right next to the Central Park and on Fifth Avenue, thus it's easy to find.
However, to find the lounge was a bit difficult as there's no sign.
I recommend you ask someone about the location once you get into the hotel.

The lounge is called "Two e bar/lounge" and is located on the 1st floor.

It wasn't a big space but not too small to relax and have a conversation.

A little tree was on each table.

This is the menu.

Afternoon tea is served between 3:00PM ~ 5:00PM.
When we got there, it was 2:45PM but they let us seat and took drink order and served.
And after 3PM, they brought the tea stand for us.

This is my "Taj Spiced Chai."
They didn't say anything about the tea refill, so I'm guessing we can only choose one kind of tea leaves.
The Spout was weirdly designed and the tea came out pretty fast.
I had hard time figuring out how to pour tea nicely with this water-pot-looking tea pot.

Spiced Chai had an interesting flavor to it; sweet but spicy.

Plate, napkin, and cutlery were brought.

The plate had a log on the top.

This is the Traditional Afternoon Tea set for two persons.

Top plate is full of sandwiches.

And the two lower plates were filled with confectioneries.

We started with the sandwiches, of course.
American Caviar & Buckwheat Blinis
Usually I don't like caviar but this one wasn't stinky and the buckwheat added nice scent so that it reduced the well-known sea scent a bit.

English Cucumber with Dill Cream Cheese
It was refreshing, especially after the caviar.

Catskill Smoked Salmon on Rye bread, Balsamic Onions & Sour Cream
We thought the topping was fruit, but I guess it's balsamic onion.

Deviled Eggs Brioche Buns with Red Sorrel
As it's egg salad, only one bite was enough for me.
Brioche was soft and sweet.

Dates & Babaganoush Crepes

Boursin Cheese & Asparagus Crostini with Tomato Jam
The baguette was crispy and tomato with cheese tasted good together.

Spiced Chicken Tartlet
It's a curry flavored little tart.
This was my favorite!

These are for the scones.
From the top, Lemon Curd, Devonshire Cream (aka clotted cream), and Raspberry Preserves.
The Devonshire cream was lighter than the clotted cream I'm used to and the texture was closed to whipped cream.
Though there're 3 types of topping/jams to add to the cones, there's no extra knives or little spoons to use for these items.

Raspberry Scone
Two scones for respective guest, but the scones were all raspberry.
So we got 2 raspberry scones each --- wish they had provided 2 different flavors.
Outside was crispy but it tasted like pancake/cupcake inside.

Chocolate Sand Cookies
Somehow it tasted like cheese in the end though it was a chocolate cookie.

Red Cherry Financiers

Lemon Apricot Sandwiches
The butter flavored cookie was soooo gooooood!!

Walnut Cream Sugar Squares
This one tasted like cheese in the end, too.

Strawberry Macaroon

Lemon Meringue Tart
It was really sweet on the top...

Fresh Fruit Tartlet (blueberry)

Fresh Fruit Tartlet (raspberry)

Grand Marnier Chocolate Madeline

Coffee Opera Cake
It had strong coffee flavor.

Coffee Macaroon

Two third of the tea stand was sweets, and the portion was bigger than it looked.
Each item was a petit size, but the variety and the sweetness were affecting a lot and made me really full (and even sick).

They came and poured hot water to the pots to dilute the tea, which was nice.

Traditional Afternoon Tea Set: 55.00 US dollars per person
Tax was 8.875%
110.00 (2 persons) + 9.76 (8.875% tax) + 20.00 (tip) = 139.76 US dollars total
*about 70 US dollars per person

I think to have afternoon tea in NYC is pretty expensive to compare with the ones in Tokyo due to the tax and tip.
Being not able to change the tea leaves is a bit off, too.

The Pierre New York
2 East 61st Street at Fifth Avenue
New York - 10065

Afternoon tea: 3PM ~ 5PM

No reservation taken unless you're a group of more than 5.

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