Bird Flavored Ice Cream #3: Java Sparrow's Finch Ice Cream

The final ice cream among the 3 kinds is Java Sparrow ice cream.
(1) Cockatiel flavor
(2) Budgerigar flavor

The definition of the flavors.

"The texture is similar to kissing the Java Sparrow on your finger softly."
Besides millet, we added marshmallows for a secret ingredient to create the fluffiness of the feather.

This is the ice cream.
Actually, it looked exactly the same as the other 2 flavors.

I found puffed barley which was also in the Budgerigar ice cream.

However, this didn't contain the ripe apples, but instead, it had marshmallows at the bottom.
I thought marshmallows are pretty light so that it'd be upper side of the contents, but they're all at the bottom.

Again, it didn't have any bird flavor (which is a sad fact), but the ingredients were slightly different from each other.
The ice cream itself was low-fat or fat-free, super-light textured milk taste, not vanilla.

Dairy products, sugar, emulsifier, stabilizer (polysaccharide thickener), barley, sorghum (Indian millet), glutinous millet, foxtail millet, barnyard millet, and marshmallow.

Contents: 100ml
315 JPY (5% of tax included)

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