Slime From Dragon Quest Became Edible Sable

Square Enix produced 2 flavors of sable (shortbread or butter cookie) shaped in one of the famous games' characters on August 23, 2013.
The popular game is "Dragon Quest" and the character is the Slime.

I rarely play games and I can only play those original Nintendo games (because I can't handle a lot of buttons or flickering button on the recent game controllers).
Besides that, I didn't know that Slime was an enemy till last year (2012) and I always thought Slimes are the main character's friends or helpers.

However, I think Slime is the most famous or well-known character by video game players or non-video game players.

Going back to the Slime sable, they have 2 different flavors and each flavor is in blue or silver Slime shaped can.

I knew these were available on the day but never got a chance to buy them from the official shop because I didn't wanna buy online or had no plan or intention to go to a game event where I could possibly find and buy them.
According to some sites, this Slime cookies are limited product but I didn't find any info about the quantity they've produced, so I'm guessing it's only get sold at the official shop or on the internet shop.

But recently my husband bought me both cans and they're sitting on the table.
I can see smiley Slimes through the bag.

This is the official store's plastic bag.
Blue Slime and Chocobo from Final Fantasy.

The Slimes.

At the bottom, there're list of ingredients.

Inside of the cans.
As cookies are fragile, they put air packing underneath the bags of cookies to prevent them from breaking.
Blue can contains butter flavored sable and silver one has cocoa flavor.

This is the actual cookie.
It's smiling at me.

This is the butter one.

Maybe just due to batches, but the butter flavored sable is slightly shorter (as if it's crushed or pressed down).

Both had rich butter flavor, were crispy, light, and tasty.
Some Slimes were broken but at last half of them were fully Slime shaped!

This cookie was quite tasty and it'd be nice if they could sell in plastic bags to lower the retail price but still we could enjoy the cookie.

1,400 JPY each

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