A Famous Caramel That Tastes Awful

There're so many local souvenirs including snacks which contain the local foods and ingredients and sure Hokkaido has one.
Hokkaido has created a lot of flavorful and tasty snacks with dairy products, vegetables like potatoes.
And one of them is really famous for being disgusting.
It's a caramel called "Genghis Khan Caramel."

Even thought it's called Genghis Khan Caramel, it doesn't contain any lamb.
I researched the product a little bit and the summary of the flavor is the following.
"It doesn't contain any meat, so you can't expect the meat flavor. Technically, it tastes like after removal of lamb (including the broth) from Genghis Khan.
And more particularly, it has sweet caramel flavor and also spices like garlic and leek.
Besides having those weird combination, the spices are not added slightly but strongly.
Thus, the 2 different flavors never mix in your mouth and they fight against each other."

And more interestingly, when they improved the flavor to make it tastier, they received complains about being not as bad as before and they had to use the original recipe to get the terrible flavor back.

When I read this, I got pretty scared to try...but I really wanted to try at least once to see how bad it is.
And a friend of mine goes to Hokkaido on business trip and she brought a box for me.

I got this middle of July but till today, August 28, I was too afraid to eat this.

First I thought the strong Genghis Khan flavor would leak when I opened the film, but it didn't smell at all.

Inside of the box, there're little cubes like Morinaga Milk Caramels and they're individually wrapped in a white paper.

This is a piece of caramel.

Finally I started smelling some spicy and salty flavor when I picked this up.
The color of the caramel is much more pale than other regular caramels, but the fine lines on the top and bottom and the size was almost the same.
I encouraged myself and ate it.
First it was sweet like tasty caramel.
However, in less than 5 seconds, I smelled and tasted weird and Genghis Khan flavor without using meat at all.

I tried to chew as much as I could but I just couldn't chew anymore.
And I spitted it out and drank diet cherry coke to make the taste go away.

It was seriously disgusting, awful, weird, terrible...

If you're looking for some crazy and unappreciated souvenir, this should be it.
*According to some site, you can buy this on internet.

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