Morinaga Launched A "Cream Dessert" Which Consists of Whipped Cream And Silky Cream

Today, September 10, 2013, a confectionery company in Tokyo called Mornaga introduced a new type of dessert called "Marugoto Kuriimu" with vanilla flavor and chocolate flavor.
Marugoto means "entirety" or "whole," and Kuriimu is the way we pronounce "cream."
So literally this new confectionery is full of cream.
Morinaga carried out a survey to ask consumers if they've ever wanted to eat only the cream in roll cakes or short cakes, then the questionnaire result got 93.3% of "yes" to the question.
Thus, they developed this product to make their dream come true. --- interesting.

I only could get the vanilla one so I'm writing about it here.
When I saw the package and heard the name of this product, I thought it'll be super light and smooth dessert because it's named "dessert made entirely with cream."

So I was excited to try this as I couldn't imagine what this would be like.

The package says "2層仕立て (two-layered)" and there're 2 layers in the cup; white part on the top and slightly yellow part at the bottom.

And the funny thing is there's an additional adjective on the lid.
It's "夢の (Yume-no)" which means "dream of," so it must be a dream dessert full of cream.

When I opened the lid, I saw full of white whipped cream with a little cone or mountain.

As it's called "all cream," I expected the dessert would be soft all the way down to the bottom part, however, I was wrong.
While inserting a spoon into this, I could feel almost the same pressure when I eat a cup of pudding.
And this is what it was inside.
Having a bite, I thought it was just a "pudding with fine whipped cream" since the bottom was not a cream but a soft pudding.
For the top, it was for sure whipped cream and I saw air bubbles.
The whipped cream was so light and smooth that it disappeared when I ate it but the pudding was still on my tongue.

Maybe I got excited too much when I saw this dessert was coming.
But the quality of the taste was just fine, just the name didn't match with what it is really.

<Nutrition> per cup contains 85g
Calories: 184kcal
Protein: 2.3g
Fat: 12.6g
Carbohydrates: 15.4g
Natrium: 45mg
Allergic substance: egg, milk, soybean, and gelatin.

105 JPY
*I bought this for 105 yen but I saw HP says the retail price is 150 JPY.

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