My First Afternoon Tea For The Fall Season At The Peak Lounge

It's been only a month since last time we had one high tea plate with shaved ice (August only) and a set of afternoon tea at the Peak Lounge but as we love that place, we went there with my husband's friends from Hong Kong today.

We saw some twitter photos of the current afternoon tea set's details and found the sandwiches are the same from August but the scone and desserts were different.

We called last night to book a table and wasn't thinking we could get a window side but luckily they let us sit by the big window and we could enjoy some views before it started raining.

We got 2 afternoon tea sets for us.
Assorted Finger Sandwiches
Shoulder ham, marinated celeriac, tomatoes
Poached shrimps, avocado, egg salad
Marinated sweet corn, ricotta cheese

Raisin scone and plain scone

Chestnuts and casis chocolate mouse 
*I think they meant "cassis" with 2 S.

Orange tart

Apple cinnamon poundcake
*Usually it's a two words like "pound cake."

Drink menus.
The familiar pouty face at the front.

And I ordered my first drink, which is called "Inhale" from Herbal Teas section.
It consists of lemon grass, lemon balm, orange peel, and ginger.

It's sheer green color like Japanese green tea, but it has refreshing scent.
Sometimes lemon flavored herb tea has way too strong sour flavor but this one was lightly scented and I really enjoyed this tea.

Soon the afternoon tea sets were brought.

The top plate are finger sandwiches.

Shoulder ham, marinated celeriac, tomatoes
The dressing was mayo-based and the bread was similar to ciabatta or foaccia.
As a mayonnaise hater, the dressing was too strong for me, but the ham and tomato were helpful to have some other flavors.

Poached shrimps, avocado, egg salad
From the other side.
The red stuff underneath the shrimp is dried tomato, that was placed over the shrimp last month.
The bread was like pita bread and the egg salad surely used mayo, but the creamy avocado made the mayo flavor less strong so I could finish this one without problem.

Marinated sweet corn, ricotta cheese
This is my favorite sandwich out of three last time.
Today, the cut surface of the corns were brown ;(
In August, it's fresh yellow when we're here at 12:00PM but today, we came here in the evening.
So I'm guessing the corns were prepared early today and the're oxidized?
Though the color was weird, it tasted as good as before.
The ricotta cheese with corn flavor was sweet and smooth. 

The second plate is scone.

Raisin scone and plain scone
*They bring oven fresh plain scone later.

The raisin scone was brought with mango chocolate sauce.
Raisin was sweet and sour, and the scone was warm.
Top was crispy but the inside was moist, but it's scone so it was fragile in a good way.
The mango chocolate sauce was an interesting combination but unfortunately I couldn't taste mango.
When I heard it's mango chocolate, I'd expected the sauce would have sweet and the fresh mango scent but it's more like just chocolate or coffee flavored sauce.

The bottom plate was cakes.

Chestnuts and cassis chocolate mousse
It was a 3 layered soft mousse cake with a piece of white chocolate.
I couldn't taste cassis in the mousse but I think the slightly red part in the middle layer was the cassis.

Orange tart

Inside of the tart.
Crispy cookie tart dough holds runny orange cream and jam inside.
It was refreshing and also sweet.
I liked the contrast of the crispiness and the softness.

Apple cinnamon pound cake
Apple cinnamon is one of the flavors that reminds me of "fall" and it's a perfect sweet to realize it's autumn season.
It contained apple compote and it gave a feeling like when you bite into apple pie.

After this, I ordered my second drink.
I got Tsukigase Oolong Tea, and I realized I got the same tea last month.
I love this oolong tea since it's got well-known bitter flavor but it has sweetness also like green tea.
And the way to enjoy this drink is with a tall transparent glass like the one for white wine.

Soon the finger foods were brought.
One of my favorite aspects at the Peak Lounge is that we can get as many these little plates as many as we want besides the drinks.
They change probably half of these small plates every month so I've never got bored of the selection.

This is my first choice and needless to say, I got all the 5 kinds they brought.
Except strawberry gelée (on the right top in a glass), these're the same from last month.

Lemon madeleine.

Earl grey madeleine.

White chocolate cake.

Pineapple guimauve.
The bottom yellow piece is fresh pineapple and the white square is the guimauve (marshmallow).

And this is the new one, strawberry gelée (jelly).
It was served with white jelly, which was milk or coconut flavored.

While I was enjoying these little plates, the oven fresh plain scone arrived.
I forgot to take a photo of the berry berry jam and clotted cream (always this duo), but I used both for this plain scone.

And then, another set of little plates were brought and yes, I took every single one.
The salmon (on the left) and the pumpkin mousse (in the glass) were the same from last month but they had 2 new plates.

Salmon mousse wrapped by fresh salmon slice.
It's slightly different from last month; it had caper last time but instead, they put herb (rosemary? something else?) with cream cheese.
Olive oil was the same ingredient that they used, too.

Pumpkin mousse.
This tasted sweeter and had deeper flavor than the one provided last month.
I wonder if they changed the ingredients.

Fried cheese with marmalade jam, this is new.
It was sooooo good!!
It's not mozzarella cheese and the cheese inside was soft but it was as good as fried mozzarella.

This is new, too, French toast with blueberry jam.
I love French toast and this bit-size sweet was awesome.

This is the chocolate bouchee I like and always get at least one for sure.
The chocolate parts were crispier than usual and had some crunchiness.
The cream inside was smooth and had richness.

I got some finger foods before they ended the service.
This is the fried cheese but with tomato salsa sauce.
I liked this one better than the marmalade but my husband liked the marmalade one.
So to find what you like more, you'd better get both.

Another French toast with marmalade jam.
This one wasn't soaked into egg fully so I could see some white part in the baguette but I thought both blueberry and mamalade jam went good with the French toast.
I'd love to try traditional French toast, which is with maple sryup, too, if they had any.

I got my third and final drink, it's called "Giving."
It's a herbal tea made with hibiscus, rose hip, and stevia.
It's actually my first drink the last time I was here in August.
I should try some other drinks next time but I may just end up having the same favorite ones...

I learned that they change the foods slightly every month so I'm excited to try next month again.
Not only the afternoon tea set or the teas, I love the hospitality and service since they pay attention to every single table.
When the wife of my husband's friend was coughing, a woman in suit brought her a glass of cold water instantly.
This simple but thoughtful service is something we really appreciate.

Peak Lounge in Park Hyatt Tokyo / パークハイアット東京のピークラウンジ
41F in Park Hyatto Tokyo
3-7-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo


On Weekdays, 2:00PM - 5:00PM
On weekends, 12:00PM - 5:00PM

平日: 14:00 - 17:00
土日祝:12:00 - 17:00

They take reservation.

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