Another "Cream Dessert" Made With Whipped Chocolate Cream And Soft Chcoolate Cream

Since I found the Marugoto Kuriimu Milk & Vanilla, the other version of "Cream Dessert," I've been looking for the chocolate version like crazy.
I stopped by several conbinis and supermarkets but I only found the Milk & Vanilla ones or different type of chocolate pudding which is also produced by Morinaga.
Yesterday, my husband found this chocolate version and texted me to make sure which package I wanted try with photos, and there's the Choco & Choco version!!!
It took me 2 days and half to finally see the product.
"Choco" is an abbreviation of chocolate in Japanese, FYI.

This morning, I ate this Marugoto Kuriimu Choco & Choco.
As the label also says "two-layered" and the layers are both chocolate and chocolate here.
The texture of the whipped cream was exactly the same with the white one but the bottom was of course chocolate pudding.
And the chocolate pudding was a little bit bitter and the sweet chocolate flavored whipped cream on the top went so well together.
I thought the chocolate whipped cream was slightly harder and the pudding at the bottom was a little bit firm and stickier than those of the milk version.
The bottom pudding, which is describe as "cream" due to the concept or image they had, it's not cream and yes, it's a pudding like I said in the previous review.
However, the texture of this chocolate pudding was close to ganache, but the taste and flavor was lighter.
Or I could say the pudding at the bottom was chocolate bavarois.

Personally I liked this Choco & Choco version more than the milk one :)

<Nutrition> per cup contains 85g
Calories: 187kcal
Protein: 2.4g
Fat: 12.6g
Carbohydrates: 15.9g
Natrium: 37mg

Allergic substance: egg, milk, soybean, and gelatin.

120 JPY

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