"Afternoon Tea For Two" At The Borneo Lounge In The Shangri-La Tanjun Aru Resort & Spa In Kota Kinabalu
コタキナバルのシャングリラ タンジュン アル リゾート&スパの「ボルネオラウンジ」でアフタヌーンティー

We recently visited Malaysia for a week and the first half, we stayed in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo island.
On the first day we got there, we're wandering around the hotel and found this afternoon tea at the lounge located by the lobby.

It's called "Afternoon Tea For Two" and as the name explains, the afternoon tea set is meant for 2 persons to share.
According to the menu board, the copy is the following.
"Satisfy your cravings with our range of afternoon tea treats. Ideal for sharing, set options include Western, Malaysian or Asian priced at RM 78.00 per set.
Enjoy two complimentary drinks with each set, selection includes coffee, tea, fresh orange, watermelon or pineapple juice.
Approach our staff for more information."

We didn't make a reservation but just stopped by and asked if we could get afternoon tea set.
Luckily the lounge wasn't that full when we arrived so we could seat as soon as we entered.

I wanted to try Asian and my husband wanted Western, so we ordered one each.
For the drinks, I got pineapple juice and my husband got watermelon juice.
My pineapple juice was sweet and sour.

Both juice were fresh yet no ice was in it so it was close to room temperature; it's Borneo, so it's warmer than you may think.

At the bright balcony, you can overlook the pool and beach.

While we're drinking the fresh juice and taking photos, our afternoon tea set came.
However, only Western set has arrived.
It might be because they could only put one style to make a sharing afternoon tea set, or she might have just forgotten what we had asked.

The menu on the sheet says Western selection contains;
Butter scone
Macaron raspberry <-- I think it's "Raspberry macaroon."
Chocolate moist cake <-- "Moist chocolate cake"
Mixfruit tartlete <-- "Mix fruit tartlet"
Cream chicken pie <-- "Creamy chicken pie"

The English sounds weird and got some misspelling... 

It's interesting to see no sandwich on the tea set here.
This afternoon tea set is more like sweet snacks with chicken pie at the bottom served with fruit tartlet. (What?)

We started with the cream chicken pie at the bottom.
Chicken Cream Pie

The crust was thick but had nice butter flavor.
As it says chicken pie, we thought it'd contain some cream stew, but there's no liquid inside and it's dry.
At least the chicken was breast meat and also it's seasoned well.

Mix Fruit Tartlet

The little tart was crispy and topped with fresh kiwi, strawberry, and papaya over soft milk flavored cream.
The tartlet had thin layer of chocolate inside so that the milk cream didn't ruin the crispiness of the tartlet.

Raspberry macaroon
The photo at the entrance showed pink macaroon but the one we got was a lot of green and a little bit of pink.
I didn't taste raspberry but it was definitely something sweet.

Moist chocolate cake
This chocolate cake was so thick that it was hard to remove from the plate.
The sponge was moist and dense.
The layer of chocolate was dark chocolate.

On the top, there's a rolled snack but it was stale.
I think to keep snacks fresh is hard here as it's humid and also this place has no wall, which the wet air can go freely in and out.

Butter scone
We both thought this scone tasted like KFC's biscuit from the states; salty and butter flavored.
That of Japanese KFC tastes sweeter and softer, FYI.

I'm used to having clotted cream with scones but here, they served whipped cream instead.
As usual, the jam was strawberry.
And I made a scone sandwich.

This lounge wasn't massive but big enough to have enough space between tables.
And there're always a couple of waitresses walking and checking the customers so that when we needed them, it was easy to talk to them.

The quality was not as excellent as the ones we had in Tokyo, but the hospitality was great.
About the quantity, it's a little bit small but to have it as snack, it was sufficient.
The balance of the food, it focuses on sweets. Especially the texture of the chocolate cake was really heavier than it looked.

78 Malaysian Ringgit for 2 persons

Borneo Lounge in Shangri-La Tanjun Aru Resort & Spa
No. 20 Jalan Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 88100, Malaysia
*located at the main lobby

Not mentioned the time for afternoon tea but we're there after 1PM.

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