Kameda Seika's Limited Kakinotame with Yuzu Kosho Flavor
亀田製菓の期間限定「柿の種 柚子こしょう」

Today, I stopped by the supermarket to buy some stuff and happened to find the new and limited flavor of rice cracker that I had read about a couple of months ago.

It's Yuzu Kosho flavored Kakinotane from Kameda Seika and been sold since August 5, 2013.
Kameda Seika Co., Ltd. (亀田製菓) is a rice confectionery manufacturing company and it's founded in Niigata prefecture back in 1946.
They've been famous for Senbei (煎餅, rice crackers) and Arare (あられ, cubic rice crackers).
And one of the most popular line would be this Kakinotane, which literary means "seed of persimmon (date plum).
We abbreviate the name and called it as "Kaki pi," that sounds like "khaki pee."

Anyways, the history was interesting.
The founder stepped on an iron mold and destroyed it but used it for making rice crackers.
And the shape which came out of the mold was crescent shape.
"Kakinotame" is named after a valued customer who said it looked like seed of persimmon.
At that moment, Kakinotane was just rice cracker, no peanuts.

There're several stories about the timing and how they started putting peanuts with rice crackers.
One of them is the Imperial Hotel begun to mix peanuts with rice crackers at the bars to add Japaneseness and this style became standard at the hotel in 1955.
Another story is that wife of the founder who was selling snacks at the factory-direct retail store tried rice cracker and peanuts together by chance.
But in any case, Kameda Seika produced rice cracker mixed with peanuts in 1966 officially.

Personally, I like without peanuts, so I usually start eating peanuts first to enjoy rice crackers only later.

Yuzu Kosho is a condiment paste made with yuzu zest and chili pepper.
Kakinotane has Yuzu Kosho flavor for a limited time.

They've created wasabi, mayonnaise, chocolate, and etc. flavors before.

On the back side of the package, there's an explanation of Yuzu Kosho.
Yuzu Kosho is a matured seasoning agent made from yuzu peel with minced chili pepper and salt.
It has refreshing scent from yuzu and spiciness from chili pepper that you couldn't stop.

According to the package, it uses yuzu powder from Umajimura village from Kochi prefecture, one of the prefecture in Shikoku area.

This big bag contains little 6 pouches so you can always enjoy the fresh rice crackers without having them stale.

When I saw the actual products, it looked exactly the same as the regular flavor.
Also it didn't have any strong flavor which I expected, so I was a little bit skeptical about the taste.

However, it actually had great Yuzu Kosho flavor and it wasn't too spicy or too thin.
I like this flavor as much as I like regular soy sauce based taste.
I really wish it wasn't limited product.

Reference price is 280 JPY but I bought this for 198 JPY.

Net total was 210g, so per pouch should contain 35g.
Per pouch;
Calories: 167lcal
Protein: 4.9g
Fat: 6.8g
Carbohydrate: 21.6g
Natrium: 251mg (sodium chloride equivalent: 0.64g)

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