Fujiya's New Snack Called "Cake Chips"

On June 11, 2013, Fujiya introduced a new snack named "Cake Chips" with 2 flavors but till a couple of weeks ago, I didn't know this existed.

My husband incidentally found this snack and bought one of the flavors, Shio Caramel.
Shio is salt in Japanese and these salty-n-sweet flavor has been really popular lately.

He had no idea what "cake chips" was, nor did I as the package doesn't say much expect "new type of chips."

On the top of the bag, it says "パリッと焼き上げた新感覚チップス!" that means "Crisply baked nouvelle chips!"
With big font, product name is written; Cake Chips.

The image shows a piece of cake with a fork and sliced crispy chips flying out of the cake.
This definitely expresses the concept for sure.

On the back side, there's brief explanation about this cookie.
Caramel flavored crispy cookie with chocolate chips and salt.
Please enjoy the addictive flavor.

This plastic bag is really useful since it's got zipper so that you don't have to finish it at once or look for elastic band or clip to close it.
I've seen some foreign cookies in bags with adhesive closure, but I've never seen with zippers like Ziploc for cookies before.

I was expecting caramel scent would come out from the bag but instead, I smelled somehow maple flavor.

Same as the image on the bag, it looks like regular cookies but in a trapezoidal shape (and some are broken).

The thickness was about the same as the regular cookies.
When I first saw "Cake Chips," I thought this would be a soft cookie.
However, this was really crispy as the definition shows.

According to the webpage, they spread the dough thinly to bake, but it didn't say clearly that they used same ingredients and portion to bake cakes.
Yet, it made me think that they used same dough (cake mix) and baked it that's why they named this "Cake Chips."

It had a hint of salt in sweet caramel chocolate taste but I felt sweetness miliar to maple syrup, not caramel.
To me, if it makes more sense if the flavor is "Salty Maple Syrup" instead of "Salty Caramel."

<Nutrition> 50g per bag
Calories: 232kcal
Protein: 2.5g
Fat: 7.6g
Carbohydrate: 38.3g
Natrium: 172mg

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