Milk Caramel Pino / ミルクキャラメル味のピノ

The other day I tried "Milk Caramel Drink," and yesterday I got Pino, a cube shaped ice cream box.
I was looking for this Pino, but I had to go to another conbini to find this "Milk Caramel Flavor Pino" which was launched on June 3rd.

Pino is Morinaga's ice cream and sold since 1976.
It used to be called "Eskimo Pino" for 30 years from 1979 while Eskimo (an ice cream brand name managed by Morinaga) was still in business.
Once Morinaga demolished Eskimo brand and they started replacing Eskimo with current Pino package.

Regular Pino has bitter chocolate covering vanilla ice cream but his one is both caramel flavored.
Inside of the box and same as the regular ice cream, it contains 6 little pieces.

And it comes with a plastic pick.

The put salt in caramel coating as a secret ingredient and it helps us to have a clean finish, according to a site.

You can see the thin layer outside and inside is slightly yellowish (due to the light, it looks white).
The coating is fragile and crispy, and the ice cream inside is smooth and milky.
I couldn't tell any saltiness in the coating, but even though this ice cream has 2 types of caramel flavor, it's not sticky or too sweet.
I wish this would be one of the regular flavor; it was really good!

<Nutrition>  *per piece
Calories: 32kcal
Carbohydrate: 3.0g
Protein: 0.4g
Natrium: 10mg
Fat: 2.0g

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