Morinaga "Milk Caramel Drink"
森永 ミルクキャラメル ドリンク

Morinaga & Co., Ltd. is a confectionery company which is related to Morinaga Milk Industry Co., ltd.

Morinaga's one of the popular products is Caramel Milk, which was created by the founder of Morinaga & Co,. Ltd., Mr. Taicihiro MORINAGA who obtained the way to cook.
He made effort to improve the recipe and finally he made the current milk caramel.
When it comes out on market, it was sold one piece each, however, when they started selling caramels into a yellow box, that had boosted up the sales dramatically.

Between 1962 to middle of 1970s, Morinaga changed the package into different one designed by Walter Landor, an American designer, but Japanese customer preferred the old one as it's something they're used to so that Morinaga brought back the old package which you can see at the stores these days.
On the package, there're Japanese letters in vertical writing.
On the right, 滋養豊富 which means "fully nutritious." 
On the left, 風味絶佳 meaning "excellent flavor."

The original milk caramel (technically it was called "caramel" at the moment) was launched in 1913.
It's 2013 now and they launched Milk Caramel flavored drink to celebrate the 100th anniversary.

Today (June 4th), this drink came out and I was waiting for this since I read an article about this last month.

I hit a supermarket and searched but couldn't find it on the shelves even though there're tons of drinks.
So I went to Family Mart, a conbini chain, and found this drink.
You can see "100周年" on the right top, this means 100th anniversary in Japanese.

This package of this drink is exactly the same as the caramel (candy) box.

I love Japanese package.
It shows how to open it properly.

When I opened it, sweet caramel flavor came out and it was exactly same as the milk caramel candy.

Poured into a glass as I wanted to see the color.
It's much lighter and more white than I thought since the original candy is much darker.

It smelled really sweet and so was the taste.
It tasted like caramel melted in milk but cold.

As it's a limited product, I needed to get this.
I actually liked this but I don't think I can finish this sweet 500ml drink at once, I'd need to sip this little by little.

<Nutrition> *Per200ml
Calories: 114kcal
Fat: 2.3g
Natrium: 69mg
Protein: 3.1g
Carbohydrate: 20.3g

Above the nutrition, it says, "Please shake well before drinking as ingredients of caramel or milk may settle down or fat may float, however it's not detrimental to quality."

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