You can make one-of-a-kind pizza on Domino's "It's My Wonderful Pizza!"
ドミノピザの「イッツマイ ワンダフル☆ピザ!」で自分だけのピザが作れる

On October 31, 2012, Domino's Japan launched an iPad App and PC content which allows you to make your own pizza to order online.

The content (including app) was made to celebrate its accomplishment of 10,000 shops in the world.
Among pizza industry, Domino's innovated internet order system and they created a tracking system of orders, and also well-known "Excellent Tracking Quiz Show!," which you can win coupons while you're waiting for the pizza.
Domino's has provided entertainment aspect besides new and limited pizzas.

"Domino's App," a delivery app, has reached more than 1.4 billion yen sales on pizzas, including sides and drinks, and this is hailed as a new way to set an order, in addition ordering on the phone and via internet.

With this "Wonderful Pizza!," you can choose size, crust, sauce, topping, and name the pizza you make.
And you can introduce the pizza you make on SNS and order any pizza on Domino's "Wonderful Pizza" site via the content or SNS.

Here are some info what you can do to make your dream pizza. Size: medium or large
Type: whole or half & half
Crust: 4 types (regular, ultra crispy, camembert mille-feuille, triple camembert mille-feuille)
Sauce: 5 types (tomato, basil, pomodoro, bolognaise, white sauce, or no sauce)
Topping: 24 kinds

Lately I'd been craving pizza(s) and actually created my own pizza but didn't order.
Tonight, I finally set an order after making the same pizza I've been interested in.

It's not on Domino's website so you need to search for the correct site; typing "It's my wonderful pizza domino japan" would work fine.


In case the link doesn't work, here's the screen shot.

I used PC site and started creating my pizza.

First I chose the size; Medium.
Then decided to do half & half.
I picked camembert mille-feuille for the crust, which has smooth camembert cheese sauce between 2 crispy crusts.
One side, I put tomato sauce and the other side, I spread basil.
For the toppings, pepperoni and mushroom on the tomato sauce side; on the left side,  jalapeno, anchovies, and garlic slices.

You can add up to 8 toppings each side and use same toppings twice for the maximum.

Every time I choose item, this character shouts what I chose and starts singing while I'm putting toppings.
He's just singing with the toppings I chose, for example, "Pepperoni, pepperooooniiiii~~~, mushroom, mushroooomuuuuuu~~~~"

If you don't wanna hear him shouting and singing, of course you can mute audio anytime as you wish.

In the end, you give a name to the pizza you made, describe the concept, choose your age range and gender, categorize your pizza (gift for myself, for a party, to cheer me up, etc.).
Also use your nickname to show everyone to indicate who made this pizza.

I named my pizza "ChiPizza," by the way.

Depending on items you use, the price differs and mine became 2,344 JPY.
Via internet, they deduct 5% thus the total became 2,226 JPY.

After setting order, I was playing the quiz show and won 50% off coupon which I can use on next order!

My pizza arrived within 30 minutes and the delivery person said, "It's 24 minutes after you ordered."

I think the reason why he said was to make sure it didn't take more than 30 minutes since they give you 500 JPY off coupon if it excess half an hour to deliver the products.

It was nice of him to warn that the bottom of the box is pretty hot and they always mention that if there's any problem in the food, please call them.
I've never had any trouble with Domino's but they're being careful even though it's a fast food chain.

This is my pizza.

Red part is tomato sauce and pepperoni + mushroom.

Green side is jalapeno, anchovies, and garlic over basil sauce.

This is what camembert mille-feuille looks like.

Pizza itself looks thin but once you bite into, you can feel the melting cheese sauce between thin crusts.

Usually pepperoni tastes salty but with mille-feuille crust, it didn't have much saltiness or even flavor as the camembert cheese is really thick.

For basil sauce side, they put good amount of jalapeno.
The pieces were pretty spicy but with the camembert crust, it didn't have much kick unfortunately.

I loved the toppings and sauces (tomato and basil) I chose, but it'd have been tastier if I had chosen regular or ultra crispy crust.

In the end, I realized that they actually type the name of the pizza I made, "ChiPizza" on the receipt.
I thought it's pretty cool!

This content and app are available only in Japan besides the area they could deliver, but if you're tired of regular pizzas and want something new and creative, this "It's My Wonderful Pizza!" would solve the problem.

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