Iron Man 3 Special Package Red Chili Noodle/
アイアンマン3 レッドチリヌードル

Iron Man 3 came out on April 26, 2013 and my husband got me this cup noodle a couple of days before the roll out.
It's sold for 228 JPY.

Sanyo Foods Co., Ltd. collaborated with Walt Disney Japan to create Sapporo Ichiban (a cup noodle brand of Sanyo Foods) Red Chili Noodle, Iron Man 3 special packaged cup.
They launched this on April 22nd, which is 4 days before the roll out of the movie.

This cup isn't only collaborated with Iron Man 3, but also it's called a King Cup size, which is 1.9 times more than the regular cup.
The content is 112g (noodle takes 90g out of it).
Without hot water, it looks pretty large and I was wondering how fulfilling this would be once it's ready to eat.

Motif color of this cup noodle is, needless to say, red and the soup has deep-heat chili flavor.
Base of the soup is pork and beef, added super spicy spices, also garlic and onion to add richness.
Smooth noodles are already seasoned with soy sauce in order to let it integrate with soup.
Toppings are cabbage, ground meat, star-shaped kamaboko (fish mince), and red peppers.

Before pouring hot water.
I thought the red pieces were chili pepper but they're red peppers.

Waited for 3 minutes and it's ready like other cup noodles.
Before mixing, all the cabbage pieces were soft and swollen.

Mixed well with the soup.
Soup was pretty red and it smelled really spicy already.

And you can see star-shaped kamaboko in the noodle.

I love spicy food except wasabi and karashi (Japanese mustard) and I usually can handle most of the spiciness.
However, this soup was pretty spicy and it made me cough also...
It was spicy-hot but also the soup had great beef and pork flavor so that it wasn't a torture.

If you like spicy food, you may like this.
If not, your stomach might not be able to tolerate, besides this is only available with King Cup (meaning huge).

You can see dashed line with arrow facing the bottom on the left side, it can pulled up to separate the package.
This ad-cover was paper but the actual up was plastic, so that to divide the materials before throwing away, you'll see most of Japanese products has this dotted line to peal off the film easily.

After taking off the paper package.

Calories: 499kcal
Protein: 11.7g
Fat: 18.5g
Carbohydrate: 71.4g
Natrium: 2.9g   (noodle and toppings: 1.0g, soup: 1.9g)
  *Sodium chloride equivalent: 7.4g
Vitamin B1: 1.62mg
Vitamin B2: 0.58g
Calcium: 200mg

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