Knave in Le Parker Meridien New York

After having gurgers at Burger Joint, we had time to spare in the afternoon but it was snowing hard and really cold.
Lucky enough, there's some table available at Knave, which is a cafe & bar in Le Parker Meridien New York and it's part of the entrance.
Last year when I came in and look at the line of people for the Burger Joint after visiting MOMA, I remember I've seen this bar with red curtains with high ceiling and indistinct lights of the chandeliers and it was still the same.

On both sides of the bar, big mirrors were set on the walls.
I think the designer's intention was to make the space look bigger than the actual by reflecting the area.
If you look at the photo above, you might think this place is large, but it's actually a narrow rectangle shape and people can walk from the door to get to the lobby or the Burger Joint, as the bar waiters and waitresses were often asked where the burger place was.

I love the color and details of the ceiling a lot here.
Where we sat was closer to the lobby, that means farther from the entrance and we kept ourselves warm, and the sofa and couch were more than enough for 2 of us.
Long and low table in front of us, long couch with classic patterns, one-person sized sofa without backrest (little bench sofas) were set by the table.

As we're still full from burger and fries, we ordered 2 hot chocolates.

The hot chocolate was NOT something I was expecting.
It was thick chocolate and came with 2 marshmallows with skewer.
The marshmallows resembled the ones of Trader Joe's' and not only the looks, the texture was similar, too. 
I wonder if they buy it from Trader Joe's.

The chocolate was so thick that marshmallows could easily catch on each surface.
It was like Spanish churro y chocolate's chocolate, not drinkable chocolate.

Yet, soon a waitress brought us foamy hot milk.
After enjoying chocolate covered marshmallow, now it's time to make a smooth and easy to swallow hot chocolate on our own.

I poured the warm and bubbly milk into the cup and mixed with the gooey chocolate paste.
And now it looks like cappuccino... with a suspicious skewer on the side...
I wanted to have fun with this interesting hot chocolate and drew smiley face on the foam.

We saw ginger cookies on the counter and ordered one.
The ones we could see was human shaped but what we got was bear with cute red ribbon.
I'm not big fun of ginger cookies but it was quite good and tasted different from grocery shops' snacks.

We're there for about an hour and saw it's pretty busy.
It's not technically busy as people kept ordering, but it's always occupied with some groups and hard to find a vacant spot.

I learned Le Parker Meridien NY has not only Burger Joint but also interesting cafe and bar called Knave.

Knave (in Le Parker Meridien New York)
119 West 56th street, 
New York, NY 10019

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