Hot Calpis ~ Hot & Relax ~ Roast Sugar Taste /
ほっとカルピス 【焦がし砂糖仕立て

A vending machine at the entrance in the office building I work at has a too-interesting-to-forget can of drink.
I noticed this weird can display on the first day I came back to work.
It's Calpis, but Hot Calpis.
I'm used to drinking cold one or Calpis soda, but I've never tried them warm before.

For those who have no idea what Calpis is, here's some information about the product and company.

Calpis is a first lactic acid bacilli beverage in Japan and was brought to the market on July 7th, 1919.
The company name at that time was different but in 1923, they changed it to Calpis.
In 1902, founder Mr. Mishima visited Mongolia region (current Inner Mongol, China) and found the local dairy product, which was similar to cheese. 
He developed Calpis using the Mongolian dairy product as a model and launched it in 1919.
The distinctive flavor of Calpis is from lactic acid produced by lactobacilli bacteria and this had been an industrial secret for a long time but they disclosed that mid 1990s.

FYI, Calpis sounds like "cow piss" in English, so in the states, they change the name and sell it as Calpico.

It says "hot and tasty" on the can, but I'm not sure yet.

It says their persistence for the taste and quality.

[Selected lactic acid]
Calpis' one of a kind and inherited for 90 years lactic acid is used.

[Hot and tasty]
The unique sweet-sour flavor of Calpis remains in this hot drink.

[Roasted sugar flavor]
Added roasted sugar to create sweet and soft taste.

[Nutrition] *per 100ml
Calories: 22kcal
Protein: 0.30g
Fat: 0g
Carbohydrate: 6.0g
Natrium: 17mg
I'm surprised 0g of fat in it and low calories for the amount even though it says they added sugar.
Total calories: 61.6kcal as the amount of this can is 280g.

What I see is "sugar, sugar, and sugar" besides lactic acid.
According to a little alert, the allergic substances are milk and soy beans.
And one of the ingredients, reduced sugar syrup is is hard to digest and might cause diarrhea by physical condition and constitution.

Opened the can and smelled like the same Calpis that I know but sweeter than the regular (cold) one.

I wanted to see the color, so I poured into a cup and found the color is slightly darker/stronger the cold Calpis.
I had a sip.
It's sweet. Really sweet.
I might have been able to finish this can, but I didn't.
Instead of drinking it hot, I put it in fridge and made it cold.
But, it's still too sweet and I've never even made this sugary sweet Calpis by myself.

I'm not gonna buy unless I really need sugar in my body...

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