Koshu Ichiba Wonton Men (Shinjuku East exit branch) /
広州市場わんたん麺 (新宿東口店)
Koshu Ichiba Wonton Men is a won-ton soup noodle chain in Tokyo and I longed for trying the bowl of wontons and noodle for a long time.
広州 (Koshu in Japanese but Guangzhou in Chinese) is a name of a city in China.
市場 (Ichiba is market in English.)
わんたん (Wonton is a style of Chinese dumpling)
麺 (Men is noodle in English.)

I went there around 12:00 and thought it'd be really crowded as it's lunch time.
But luckily I didn't have to wait and could sit at the counter as soon as I came in.
After me, there's a line with 5-6 people so I guess I was really lucky.

Sometimes you can get to see a person making wonton by the window in front of the shop.
I could see one woman was making but by the time I left, there's none making any dumpling.
According to the menu book, they use up all the dumpling in a day they make to serve fresh ones to customers.

Various kinds of flavors and toppings are on the menu but it was a little bit hard to see all the menu since the menu near me was different from the other one placed a little bit farther than where I sat.
Also, there's tables downstairs so this place should be able to use for group of 4 even.

I ordered mini-mini set available during lunch time (I assume), and for the soup, you can choose either salt or soy sauce based and I went for salt.
This mini-mini set includes small bowl of won-ton noodle and little rice bowl, which you can choose the topping from 3 flavors, and I chose Takana.
Takana (高菜) is a one of the brassica plant and has green leaves. 
Usually it's salted and has spicy flavor and it's like a pickled green leave.
Other 2 were; minced pork rice and char-siu rice.

About 5-10 minutes later, my mini wonton men was served and the soup was clear and I didn't see much fat was floating, maybe only from the wonton's pork.
7 wontons, mianma (bamboo shoot), spinach, naganegi onion, and boiled egg (half) underneath the spinach.

Soon after they brought me a bowl of Takana rice and also zha cai in a small plate.

Wonton was really smooth and slippy outside. Inside was really juicy and moist.

The waitress asked me if I knew how to eat wonton there and I said no, then she explained the way to enjoy them as the following.
First, try the wonton as it is, then from the second one, you can add some spices set in front of you.
From the left, ginger, garlic, and vinegar. 

Next to this, there's a brown pot.
First I had no idea what it was but it was 食べるラー油 (chili oil) with garlic slices and sesame seeds, but wasn't hot that much.
Noodle looked white and didn't have much flavor in it.
As their name has wonton before noodle, they focus on wontons more than noodle.
Soup was really good. Not thick or too salty though.

To summarize the shop, I'd recommend you wear inexpensive clothes.
The chair and table were kind of oily and greasy so I wiped with wet tissues.
Depends on the waiter or waitress, they offer you paper bib but they didn't ask me.
So if you'd like to be careful about the soup or wonton might splash you something, you may want to ask them to give you one.
Most of them were Chinese and some were good at Japanese but others are not, so if they look lost, it'd be better to confirm what you're ordering.

The price was decent as they serve you pretty big bowl.
Even though mine was mini-mini set, my bowl size seemed same size with other customers who ordered regular wonton noodles.
I finished all the 7 wontons but left half noodle and half rice; it was just too much to me...
My mini-mini set was 780 JPY.

Koshu Ichiba Wonton Men /広州市場わんたん麺
1F KB bldg.
3-17-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
新宿区新宿3-17-13 KBビル1階

Open every day / 定休日なし

Open: 11:00 - 0:30AM (the following day)

They take reservation but no credit card.

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