Chicken Tatsuta Wafu Oroshi / チキンタツタ 和風おろし

McDonald's Japan relaunched Chicken Tatsuta and Chicken Tatsuta Wafu Oroshi for a limited period from December 10, 2012.

This is regular Chicken Tatsuta.
*image from McDonald's official page.

This is Chicken Tstuta Wafu Oroshi.
*image from McDonald's official page.

Chicken Tatsuta first came out to the market back in 1991 as a limited time offer menu, and between February 1992 to 2004, it was a part of regular menu.

There're several reasons they had stopped.
One, it was due to the bird flue and they couldn't get sufficient amount of chicken.
Two, Chicken Tatsuta can't be used for any other menu (hamburger patty can be used for cheese burger patty, for example).

September in 2008, Oricon Inc. had a survey and the result showed that the most wanted revived menu was Chicken Tatsuta and also the bird flue got quiet down, McDonald's Japan had a trial sale in several shops in Saitama prefecture around May 2009, and finally decided to bring it back as a limited time menu from September 25, 2009 to October 15. 
However, the sales was  beyond the estimate and all the supply was gone by the 10th.
(You can see how famous and many people craved this.)

After they stopped selling Chicken Tatsuta, so many customers requested to have it back and almost every year they have this popular Chicken Tatsuta for a limited time.

Regarding Tatsuta, it's a way of cooking. It sprinkle starch over marinated meat or fish before deep frying.
Main ingredients for the marinating sauce are soy sauce and Mirin, a sweet cooking rice wine.

As I already knew what regular Chicken Tatsuta tastes like, I tried Wafu Oroshi.
Wafu (和風) means Japanese style.
Oroshi (おろし) means grated, here it means grated daikon (Japanese radish).

It came in a box with the familiar sticker; Made For You
As I'm anti-mayo, I ordered no mayo Chicken Tatsuta Wafu Oroshi.

From the top, it's bun.
The buns for Chicken Tatsuta is a little bit yellowish color and is steamed bread so it's really soft and have a bit of sweet flavor in it.
Also, partially it's made by hand; top of the bun has tied-shape, this is handmade.

Under the bun, there's Wafu Oroshi sauce.
It was daikon oroshi and yuzu (citrus) with soy sauce based refreshing sauce, and I could see some dots which were sesame seeds.
It was a lot. Seriously more than I needed.
Every time I had a bite or even grabbed, cabbage collapsed, chicken slid, and buns moved!
However, this ridiculous amount of sauce helped me in the end.
(You'll know why in the next part.)

The Chicken Tatsuta.
I'm SOOOOO disappointed.
It used to be breast / white meat but now they use thigh meat....
Lately McDonald's Japan replaced all the breast meat menu with thigh meat.
I personally hate stinky thigh meat, depends on how they prepare and cook it, but usually, it doesn't taste good.
Luckily, I could handle it and finish the whole burger thanks to such a delicious and fresh wafu oroshi sauce.

Between chicken and bottom bun, there's a carpet of shredded cabbage.
This is really fresh and finely cut also gives nice crunch to the soft bun and chicken.
Regular recipe, they put mayonnaise under the cabbage, but it's on my no-no list, so I had to ask them not to put mayo.
Sometimes I have hard time to explain to the cashier and it was one of those days today.
The cashier kept saying it's not mayonnaise but it's a spicy white sauce tastes like mayo.
So I had to repeat and ask, "Ok, please don't put the 'white spicy sauce tastes like mayo' like you said...."

(I asked no mayo, so it should be lower than this.)


≪余談≫ 「マヨネーズは抜いて下さい」とお願いすると、必ず「でもこれはマヨネーズではなく、マヨネーズ風味のソースです」とマクドナルドのクルーに言われる。



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