Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Grahams Vanilla Cupcake

Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish has a lot of flavors and I got a chance to try Vanilla Cupcake.

As Smore's one, it's one of the  whole grain line.
The package made it easy to imagine the flavor: cupcake.
The cupcake image at the bottom left has frosting with colorful chocolate sprinkles.
We somehow call it "chocolate spray" in Japanese.

I love sweets so I was as excited as when I was about to try S'mores Goldfish.
Wooooo, smiley Goldfishes are lying there.
I could see green, blue, orange, and pink little dots in the fish-shaped cookies.
However, unlike the S'mores, this didn't have much sweet cupcake scent.
I'm amazed how fine these color dots were grained.
I just think the S'mores was so good that none can really beat it.
S'mores Goldfish consists of light brown and chocolate color cookies and white marshmallows, but this cupcake was a bit plain.
It'd have been more enchanting if this had sugar coating over the cookies and more colorful sprinkles to resemble actual cupcakes.

Another reason that I couldn't enjoy this was the timing.
I got this package around September, and even though it's not opened and it's kept in dark and cold, somehow this cookie went slightly bad.
When I opened this bag, it had oxidized oil flavor came out and also it had weird taste; not bad, yet not good.
I should have eaten this earlier!

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