Debu Pan: #1 / デブパン:その1

I've been using a home bakery, which a small and household use bakery machine since Sept. 2012.

I've made regular loaves and dinner rolls, but I started thinking to try something fun.
What I thought of was "to ad snacks into the dough" and my interest didn't stop me doing this when I found a snack weird but didn't wanna toss it away.

It's actually adding snacks' calories into the bread, so it's not healthy at all, I knew it, but I really wanted to experiment.
And I recently named this "snack-in-bread" as "DEBU PAN."
Debu means fat in Japanese (colloquial)
Pan means bread.

For the first trial run, I used Caramel Corn, which is a long-seller (since 1971) sweet snack from Tohato, a snack maker and a shareholder with more than 95% is Yamazaki.

They produce season limited flavors and this time they created larger sized snacks with brulee flavor for fall/winter.
The each Caramel Corn's size was 5 times bigger than the regular ones.
I usually enjoy Caramel Corn, but even though the flavor was nice, I didn't like the size.
It's really sweet, so I wish it was regular size...

So,,,, that's the time my idea popped up.
"Put the snack into dough."
I took out a regular bread recipe and decrease the bread wheat and flour as I'm adding more non-liquid-but-more-curbs to the dough.

Here's what I did.

Bread wheat (strong flour): 190g
All purpose flour: 30g
1 small beaten egg
Milk: 140ml (low fat <- just because...)
Yeast: 3g

A pinch of salt
Margarine: 20g
Caramel Corn (Brulee): 50g ---Originally it was 80g but we had some before and it's less by the time I used for Debu Pan.

1. Put every thing except crushed Caramel Corn into the bread machine.
This is pretty important; if you put the snack from the first, it'd totally get  shattered and disappear.

2. Choose "regular bread (pain de mie, sandwich loaf)" mode.

3. Let the machine make the dough and add roughly crushed caramel corn when the machine beeps (or when the machine is almost done with making dough).
4. Wait till all the process is done.

This is it.

While it's baking the bread, it smelled really sweet.
We couldn't see much Caramel Corn in it when it's baked.
Maybe next time I'd add non-broken ones.

Tasted slightly sweeter than regular bread, but it didn't have much the famous Caramel Corn flavor.
I think I had to put the whole bag or even more.

Even though it was my first Debu Pan, it turned out good enough for me!

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