Baker Bounce in Tokyo Midtown / 
ベーカーバウンス 東京ミッドタウン店

Tokyo Midtown is located in Roppongi and it opened March 30, 2007.
It consists of shopping centers, restaurants, office building, hotel, art museum, hall, medical center, parking lot, and parks.

I've been to a couple of restaurants and eat-ins in food court area, but I hadn't gotten a chance to try an American diner, Baker Bounce on B1 floor.

The other night I visited for the first time and they had a lot of selection of foods and drinks.
Some dishes I wanted to try would take a long time, so I ordered some quick ones and today I went back there again for late lunch.

When we got there, it was already close to 2PM but there're 2 groups were waiting before us.
We waited for about 15 minutes before seating.

While waiting outside, we're looking at menu but it wasn't a complete one and only has 2 pages, however, when you sit and are provided menu, there're about 5 pages of plates and 2-3 pages of drinks.

We ordered chicken fingers and chilly cheese fries with sloppy joe.
Chilly cheese fries with sloppy joe came faster than we thought and chicken fingers came right after.

Chilly cheese fries with sloppy joe (682 JPY)
Wedge cut potatoes covered with chili sauce, cheese, and chopped fresh onions.
Sloppy joe was quite sweet but fresh onion was a little bit spicy.
Personally I wish the chili was less sweet.
Chopped onions were crunchy so it added different texture to soft potatoes and liquid chili.

Chicken fingers (420 JPY)
Chicken fingers were lightly fried and incredibly crispy.
It's served with a wedge of lemon and tartar sauce, which I don't touch ever.
It came with 4 pieces and each piece was pretty large.

We ordered Chicken tender topped with crispy grilled bacon and cheese with black chili (1,155 JPY) and it took them for about 20 minutes to prepare.
I asked them not to put bacon, and they certainly took care of my need.
The chicken breast was bigger than iPhone 4 and the height was about 5 cm (2 inch.), yes, it was humongous.
On a plate, there're grilled vegetables (eggplants, cucumbers, and red paprika) and potatoes marinated with yellow mustard.

The chicken breast had skin so I removed, but the spicy black chili was with cheese (cheddar or American) over the skin, so I put back the sauce and cheese when I took out all the skin.

The chicken was well cooked but not dried, it was soft and moist inside.
The black chili had miso (fermented soybean paste) flavor as it was salty and had yeasty flavor when I had a bite.
I had no idea what they put in the black chili sauce,but maybe miso, black pepper, garlic, and ginger maybe...
I really liked it and the sauce went well with rice; you can choose rice or bread when they take order.

Ruben (1,050 JPY)

It came a little bit after the chicken tender was served and it had a small bowl of coleslaw and  fried potatoes.
And regular Ruben would contain relish but this place put shredded cabbage with mayonnaise.
So, basically I didn't have any single bite of it but I had some bread.
The bread was made with rye wheat and toasted with butter or margarine.
It was really light and crispy. I would have kept eating this toasted bread.

Some of the beverages had a sign for refill.
But it's not like "if you pay extra 52 JPY, you'll get free refill" but basically "you can get refill for 52 JPY."

It was pretty busy even though it was not lunch time.
However, waiters were paying attention to customers and whatever we asked about the food, they explained really well.

I'd love to go back some other time and try other dishes.

Baker Bounce / ベーカーバウンス
Tokyo Midtown B1F
9-7-4 Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo

東京都港区赤坂9-7-4  D-B113

Open every day (except New Year's)
11:00AM - 10:00PM (Order stop)

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