Pudding d'or in Isetan Shinjuku / プリン・ド・オール 新宿伊勢丹

Pudding d'or is a pudding shoppe located in Isetan Honkan's B2 floor.
*Honkan means main.
According to an insert came with a pudding, it says, "It selects and sells only puddings from pudding specialty shops, restaurants, and sweets shops from every region of the country. Approximately 20 kinds of puddings are available and they're categorized into more than 10 kinds (custard, milk, fruit, chocolat, surprises, etc.). Every week, they change the lineups in each category."

Isetan had a special dessert week for Halloween for about a week and it'll end today, October 31, 2012.
And I got this pumpkin pudding about a week before Halloween as a gift.
Jack O'lantern was printed on the orange china up.
A plastic lid was stuck with tapes so this shot looks a little bit awkward, but actual cup was really adorable.

Over the top, there's a tape shows the maker's name.
I searched for "Kitchen ena Handmade P" and the result came up was "Handmade Pudding Kitchen ena" and it's a pudding shoppe in Miyazaki pref.

Label on the back shows the address besides the full name of this pudding and ingredients.
Halloween Pumpkin Pudding
Generic name: fresh western confectionery
Ingredients: milk, pumpkin paste, pumpkin, fresh cream, egg, sugar, and rum.
Unlike Pucchin Purin http://chobiro47.blogspot.jp/2012/10/pucchin-purin-choco-mix.html , no gelatin or Japanese agar was used.
Obviously it was easy to imagine that this pumpkin pudding wouldn't have weird flabby-but-solid texture.

Surface of the pudding.
It looked like unbaked cheesecake, which we call rare cheesecake.
It had really good pumpkin flavor even before I dug in.

You can tell the pudding is really velvety.
I think they pureed and strained the real pumpkin to let it be silky but flavorful.

At the bottom, there's some liquid caramel sauce.
Those pumpkin pudding sold in supermarket or conbini, it tends to have a lot thicker and more caramel sauce.
But this contained sophisticated amount and had a hint of rum.

Since no coagulant was added, this pumpkin pudding was smooth, sleeky, and soft. 
Without artificial pumpkin flavor, it had a real pumpkin taste and fragrance. No wonder 2nd and 3rd most used ingredients are pumpkin paste and pumpkin.

I washed this pumpkin cup and thought of using to keep little things or a plant, but haven't used it yet and it's sitting with other plates and cups.

Another remarkable story is that when you go to department stores and buy these fresh cakes and confectioneries, the cashier always ask how long I'd carry it around before you put it in fridge and depending on the hours, they put blue ice for you.
And it's nicely packed with urethane package to keep it cold and from breaking.

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