KFC Umashio Shoga Chicken Chips / 
ポテトチップス x KFC 旨塩生姜チキン
Calbee Inc. collaborated with KFC and created chips with the flavor of KFC's newest menu.
KFC's newest flavor is Umashio Shoga, which literally means "tasty salt with ginger" flavor.
Lately ginger is really popular as it warms your body since it helps blood circulation promotion.

Calbee is a major Japanese snack maker established in 1949 in Hiroshima pref.
The company name, Calbee is a coined term from calcium and vitamin B1, which were both scarce around that time.
*The way we pronounce vitamin is "bitamin" so I think that's one of the reason they used B instead of V.

I knew that Calbee and KFC would launch a limited product this fall and was a little bit aware of this chips.
However, I haven't tried the ginger chicken yet, so I wouldn't be fully compare or mention the flavor of the chips.
When I found this chips at a conbini, I was holding back to buy yet as it says, "limited" I bought it.

On the back side, there're a lot of info about this chips besides the ingredient list.
On the left top, there's an explanation of this product.
Calbee x KFC Umashio Shouga Chicken Flavor
This potato chips represents the limited time flavor fried chicken sold at KFC.

"Umashio Shouga Chicken" has an innovative characteristic. The batter is much lighter than ever, salt and ginger compliment the umami of the chicken.
Savory black sesames and hot peppers give accent to it.

So far, it sounds tasty.

And this is something I've never seen before on the package with such a big coupon.
Just below the description of the KFC's limited flavor, there're these 2 trial coupons to buy actual chicken at KFC.
Woooooo, I should keep them :)

Each coupon has different period of use.
I thought it's pretty clever so that they can expect that customers may come back several times.

On the right top, there's a factory number and also ingredients list.
They always mention, "Potatoes (No GM)" followed by vegetable oil and sugar.

And lately I see little notes on the packages mentioning that the product has been made in a same factory or machine which handles xxxx and xxxx.
This chips were made in an institution where uses eggs, shrimps, and crabs.
No wonder they use shrimps since Calbee became famous for Kappa Ebisen, which contains a lot of shrimps.
*Ebi means shrimps.

Calories are not that bad and about the same as other ones.

Inside of the bag.
First it looked like really peppery and strong ginger and some animal flavor came out, but it was definitely not chicken (at least I thought so)!

I grabbed a chip to try.
First I thought these black spots could be both black pepper and sesame, but I didn't sense the  flavor or taste but black pepper.

I thought it was supposed to have KFC's yummy chicken flavor, but I just couldn't think of chicken when I was eating them.
It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great, but somehow I kept eating and eating.
Seems like it has something to make me continue to eat. --- That's what junk foods are.

So... maybe the real chicken is much better and worth trying? 
And if I use coupon, maybe I won't be upset much...

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