Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Crisp

Another chocolate snack I tried last weekend is from Trader Joe's chocolate.

I've tried their chocolate bars but it was my first time to try this thin and curved chocolate.

When I first looked at the box, I thought it's a potato chips covered with chocolate since the shape just reminded me of Chip Star from Nabisco since some brands and makers have already produced chocolate covered potato chips, I didn't think it was a weird idea at all.

Also the visual made me think the slices are really light as they're floating in the air like ribbons or waves.
However, this Milk Chocolate Crisp is not potato chips.
It's a round and curved chocolate slice.

Inside of the paper box, there're 3 piles of chocolate and all the chocolate were heaped up straight.
I could see the itty-bitty white/beige dots in the flimsy chocolate which provides the crispness in smooth milk chocolate.
First I was thinking it was poppy seeds but on the back side of the package, there's no word of poppy or seed and instead, there's an ingredient "rice puff."

On the other side of the chocolate slice, there's checked pattern making a lot of diamond of cards.
When I looked at the pattern, I thought it's really cute and neat but I imagined it might prevent the chocolate from sticking to each other.
The pattern has slight pumps and asperities so that it'd be easier to remove in case it's clung.

Nutrition Facts didn't really surprised me as I knew this won't be low calories.
Thanks to this, I could tell each chocolate mountain had 12 slices.
12 pieces for 230 calories isn't that bad I think.
If it had contained other additional ingredients like nuts or caramel, it'd have jumped up much higher too.

"We've got a delectable sweet treat. Our Milk Chocolate Crisps are wisps of rich, Belgian chocolate, curved for visual interest, and infused with crunchy bits to add some texture. These Crisps are definitely in!"

The advertising lines didn't lie, I totally agree with it.

Maybe consumers' mission is to buy this chocolate, bring it to home and store it without melting them to enjoy the thin and curved chocolate.

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